Switch to Solar or Replace your Roof with Roofmax Solar & Yorkshire Roofing

Have a positive impact on your home energy costs and the environment. Consider improving your roofing in San Mateo and investing in a photovoltaic solar installation at the same time at the best price. From a residential roofing service to solar panel installations, having the right professionals and materials on your side can make all the difference.

Lower Energy Bills

We can help you save money. Plus, you can save a ton on your new roof by getting solar panels at the same time!

Safe Installation

By working with roof experts like us, you will not lose your roof’s warranty or compromise its structural integrity.

Complete warranties

As a licensed roofing contractor and Panasonic Solar authorized installer, we provide a full warranty on our labor and products.

Your Trusted Roofing Company In San Mateo

Our licensed roofing professionals at Yorkshire Roofing have you covered in your roofing needs, including roof installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance. Our goal is to give you a beautiful and safe roof that can improve the efficiency and comfort of your home.

As one of the most trusted and top-rated roofing companies in the Bay Area, we ensure exceptional service and a full warranty on our labor and products.

All our warranty covers our solar panel's installation services and products. At Yorkshire Roofing, we offer this clean technology at an affordable price.

Our Projects

We proudly serve residential and commercial properties. See our roofing and solar projects in San Mateo:

Top Photovoltaic Solar Specialists in San Mateo

Providing undivided attention and the highest quality in our solar and roofing services, at Yorkshire Roofing and Roofmax Solar, we are proud to be the premier Bay Area roofing and solar contractor to the entire tri-valley and surrounding areas.

Aside from being a sunny state, California offers numerous solar tax credits, rebates, and net metering programs. It's never been more affordable to switch to solar with these benefits for businesses and homeowners, including eligible low-income families.

We use only solar panels from reputable companies like Panasonic. As an authorized Panasonic installer, your solar panel system will be covered for performance, product, parts, and labor for 25 years. Feel free to contact us for more information about your solar in San Mateo.

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