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Why Choose Yorkshire Roofing & Roofmax Solar
for Your Roofing and Solar Needs in Milpitas ?

A well-maintained roof will keep your home or business protected from the elements, and it can also increase the resale value of your property. In addition, improving your roofing and investing in photovoltaic solar installation will have a positive impact on energy costs.

Take note, however, that having the right professionals and materials can make all the difference.

Save Big on Energy Bills

We understand that saving money is important to you. That’s why we offer a cost-effective solution to lower your energy bills by installing solar panels on your roof. Additionally, you can save even more money by getting a new roof and solar panels installed at the same time!

Expert and Safe Installation Services

Our team of roofing experts ensures the safe and secure installation of solar panels without compromising the integrity of your roof's structure. You can trust us to get the job done right without voiding your roof's warranty.

Trustworthy Roofing Services With Full Warranty

As a licensed roofing contractor and authorized installer of reliable, high-performing solar products, we provide complete warranties on both our labor and products. You can have peace of mind knowing that we prioritize your safety and satisfaction.

Roofing Installation, Repair, and Maintenance in Milpitas

Yorkshire Roofing specializes in designing and installing roofing solutions for your property in Milpitas that consider important factors such as climate, budget, and aesthetic preferences. Our goal is for you to enjoy a beautiful, long-lasting roof that not only enhances the look of your home or business but also helps improve its energy efficiency and overall comfort.

As one of the most trusted and highly-rated roofing companies, we stand behind our exceptional workmanship, service, and materials with a complete warranty.

For homeowners looking to save money on their energy bills, we also offer affordable solar panel installations that can help reduce your reliance on traditional energy sources. This clean technology is a smart investment that can pay off for years to come.

Switch to Solar and Save Money With the Best Roofing and Solar Contractors in Milpitas

Did you know that aside from being a sunny state, California offers numerous solar tax credits, rebates, net metering programs, and other benefits? These incentives can significantly reduce the upfront costs of adopting clean energy — an affordable and accessible option for businesses, homeowners, and eligible low-income families indeed!

Yorkshire Roofing and Roofmax Solar are the leading roofing and solar contractors in the Bay Area, serving the entire tri-valley and surrounding areas. We are committed to providing our clients with undivided attention and the highest quality solar and roofing systems. Furthermore, we only use solar panels from reputable companies such as Maxeon Solar Technologies, which provides an industry-leading 40-year warranty!

If you're interested in learning more about how solar can benefit you, don't hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to get started!

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