The use of the sun as a source of energy is gaining popularity. Why? Because it’s a perpetual source of clean energy. Solar power does not emit smoke and other harmful chemicals, and makes use of a renewable energy source that does not run out.

How Does Solar Energy Work?

The sun is a great source of energy. It powers up the planet itself. So why not use it to power up your house?

How does it work?

Solar panels typically work like the chlorophylls of plants.

Basically, the photovoltaic (PV) panels convert the energy of the sun into electrical energy, which you can use to power up your home. The solar panels actually convert the energy of the speeding photons in the sunlight, which then turns into electric current. Your home will still be connected to the power grid. What does this mean for you? You choose how much of your energy usage that you want to offset with solar power and only pay the power company for any usage over the amount of power that you produce plus a moderate fee to be connected to the power grid. If you choose to offset your usage by 100% +, then you would only pay the associated fees that your utility provider charges to be connected to the power grid.

Isn’t it Costly to Go Solar?

With solar energy, you can save tons and tons of money. Commercial electricity is on the rise every year, as much as 6.7% in some cases, and every small rise would equate to a large difference over time.

In addition, the Federal Government actually promotes going solar through its federal tax credit program. Enjoy up to 30% in federal tax credits! For example, a $15,000 PV Solar system would reduce your Federal tax liability by as much as $4,500. This is a great incentive to those who are thinking about going solar! In fact, if you get a roof and solar installed, you will also get up to a 30% tax credit on a portion of the cost of your roof as well.

With all the savings, you can get from tax credits and from what you’d save by using solar instead of commercial energy, your solar project will definitely pay for itself in no time!

What are the benefits of going solar? 

By going solar, you will be able to:

  • Save thousands of dollars on your energy bills.
  • Minimize your dependence on commercial energy.
  • Increase the value of your home through its energy and cost efficiency.
  • Do your part in saving the environment.

How do we calculate the amount of solar you will need?

We use the most advanced software on the market to calculate your production needs. Our program factors in many complex formulas to come up with a highly efficient and productive system for our clients. Our program takes account for panel angle, shading, sun path, irradiance, system degradation, present and future utility rates, just to name a few. Once we run all of these calculations for you, we put all of this information in a comprehensive, easy to read, packet for your review.

Go Solar Now!

Here at Yorkshire Roofing and RoofMax Solar, we utilize only the best in Solar Panel technology. We only use premium panels from Panasonic & LG, two highly trusted Companies with a very long reliable history. These panels have very low temperature coefficient and have the highest “Guaranteed Production” numbers after the 25 year period compared to other panels on the market today. Many of our competitors use cheap foreign made solar panels with large main inverters to save money. Our systems come equipped with Micro Inverters, which means that each panel works independently to produce clean efficient solar power. Picture the old Christmas lights that you sometimes see, where if one goes out the rest don’t work either. That is the same situation that could happen relying on only one main power inverter that most other systems rely on. With our Micro Inverters, if one inverter is having issues, the whole system is still up and running and still producing power and saving you money. Each inverter can be repaired or replaced independent of the others.

Here is a little background on the way inverters work. An inverter is required to regulate the converted power produced by the panels. If you only have one large main inverter, it will need to regulate the power of the whole system based on the weakest link. This means that the power produced by the weakest panel will inhibit all other better performing panels from reaching peak performance as well (example: one panel in the solar array that is shaded by a tree, a pipe, a chimney, ect. for part of the day will affect the performance of the rest of the panels). With Micro Inverters, each panel is free to perform at maximum efficiency based on the amount and type of sunlight it is receiving. This all equates into a 10-25% increase in power and efficiency of the solar array.

Another benefit with Micro Inverters is that the addition of more panels at anytime in the future is simple and easy. Lets say your home is used to running off of the power consumption of two people. As time goes on, the household population grows to 4 or 5. A pool and hot tub are installed. All of these changes would require a significant increase in the amount of electricity required to run the home. With a Solar System installed by Yorkshire Roofing and RoofMax Solar, the addition of more panels to increase solar output is simple and affordable. A standard Solar system needs to be sized to its single inverter, making any potential addition of any panels much more costly and highly unlikely. Our systems are compatible with battery storage as well. These are just a few great reasons why to make Yorkshire Roofing and RoofMax Solar your Contractor of choice. Please give us a call and our knowledgeable team will be happy educate you and help in the decision process of what system will work best for you.

Again, there’s no better time – now is the BEST time to turn your house into a solar-powered home before the Federal tax credits go away. So call us now and find out how we can help.