Insulation is a vital component to the effectiveness of your roof. Without proper insulation, your roof’s job of protecting you and your house from harmful outside elements won’t be 100 percent effective.

Insulation is a simple measure in improving your home’s energy efficiency, but is often overlooked by many contractors out there. It does wonders in reducing your monthly heating and cooling bills, and in generating savings financially and energy-wise.

Data from the US Department of Energy showed that heating and cooling systems account for 50 to 70 percent of household energy consumption. If your home is over 15 years old, it is very likely that your attic space is under-insulated and money is flowing out of your attic. A properly insulated attic (Approximately 13-15 inches of blown in insulation is adequate, depending on the manufacturer), will save you tons of money on heating and cooling costs in the future.

If your home is better insulated, you don’t have to use heating or cooling systems as much because their operations are optimized, which translates to lower electricity bills. It is the job of your insulation to keep the warm air in your home during winter and the cool air within your house during summer.

Insulating your attic should not be overlooked and must be treated as an investment that will provide energy and financial returns in the long run.

Here are some reasons why having roof insulation in your home will help you save energy and money:

It maintains your home’s temperature.
Insulation keeps cool air during summer and warm air during winter within your home. At least 25 percent of heat loss in a home is through under-insulated attic areas. This means poor or inadequate insulation results in air leakage and wasted energy.

It increases your home’s value.
It may usually be disregarded, but having proper insulation directly increases your home value. Your roofing system is a huge part of your home, and it protects you and the inside of your house from harmful elements. Adding insulation better protects you from external conditions, and that brings in more value into your home.

It makes your home sustainable and environment-friendly.
Insulating your roof is a simple undertaking to make your house energy-efficient. And when you reduce the amount of energy you use, you also help in reducing pollution.

So if your energy bills start going up because you need to turn your air-conditioning or heater higher, maybe it’s time to have your roof insulation checked.

Let Yorkshire Roofing inspect and assess your complete roofing system (Roofing, gutters and downspouts, ventilation, and insulation.)

Owens Corning Corp.—the world’s largest manufacturer of fiberglass and related products—has designated Yorkshire Roofing of Northern California as a “Top of the House Certified” Preferred Contractor, which means that we are proficient in what it takes to install a complete roofing system (roofing, ventilation, and insulation).

Professionally installed Owens Corning insulation is an essential component in making your home more comfortable and energy-efficient.

Give us a call, and we’ll help you improve your home’s energy efficiency with our service.