Why Go Solar With
Roofmax Solar & Yorkshire Roofing?

We'll install solar as well as take good care of your roof.

Lower Energy Bills

We can help you lower your energy bills and save money over time.

Safe Solar Installation

By working with roof experts like us, you will not lose your roof’s warranty or compromise its structural integrity.

Complete warranties

Save money while protecting your roof.

Why Switch To Solar Power In Livermore?

California has one of the highest electricity costs in the US, with an average PG&E customer paying around $197 a month, according to a 2021 survey. Fortunately, you can reduce or even eliminate your monthly energy bills by relying on a clean energy source--solar panels.

If you are living in California, you are uniquely at an advantage if you go solar.

Aside from being a sunny state, California offers numerous solar tax credits, rebates, net metering programs, etc. These benefits can significantly reduce the upfront cost, making this clean energy source affordable and accessible to businesses and homeowners, including eligible low-income families.

Pay back your investment in

5.85 years*

*from energysage.com

Most homeowners can expect to recoup their investment in less than six years thanks to solar rebates, tax credits, net metering programs, and other incentives.

Additionally, you can access a wide range of financing options if you’re looking to invest in solar energy. They include $0-down payment, solar leases (or PPAs), solar loans, among others.

Why Choose Yorkshire Roofing And Roofmax Solar?

By letting us install your panels, you reap the following benefits:

  • You maintain your roof warranty.
  • As commercial and residential roofing experts, we ensure the structural integrity of your roof.
  • We carry insurance to protect our clients against financial losses.
  • 24/7 live customer service
  • For more than 30 years, we have been known for our quality workmanship.
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