Can I Repair or Replace my Own Roof?

The short answer is, “Yes, you can.” The better answer is “leave it to the experts.” There are a lot of videos on the internet about how to replace or repair your roof, however, going the DIY route is not always the best option. DIY roofing is difficult without the proper training and tools.  In […]

What to Expect During a Roofing Inspection

People usually overlook roof inspection, but it is an essential preventive maintenance for your home. After all, it is your first line of defense against weather conditions such as rain, storms, snow, and extreme heat. When roofs are not regularly inspected and maintained, you and your house could be facing issues such as leaks, mold […]

Things You Shouldn’t Do to Your Roof

We spend time planning our houses, spending resources and making sure every detail fits the theme of our homes. One of the main reasons why is because we want to make sure all of the materials are durable and reliable to protect our families. But sometimes, since we know too well the capacity of our […]

Roof 101 for new home owners

It is an exciting experience to move-in to your first house. Whether it’s a brand new home or a mortgage place, the feeling of independence and success is just overwhelming. And sometimes, because we are too overwhelmed, we tend to overlook important details of the house we just bought. This includes checking the heating, ventilation, […]

Maintaining Your Roof Is Not An Easy Task, Here Are 9 Things to Check and Do-edited

9 Things to Check When Maintaining Your Roof Residential roofing is one of the most difficult home components to maintain; partly because of its size and positioning, but mostly because of its complicated composition. However, not a lot of people know that the roof is one of the most important parts of the house as […]

Building & Construction

Understand fundamental roofing concepts related to the building and construction process so that you will know what to expect when doing business with a qualified roofing professional. Learn tips for DIY construction situations and which situations you should hire a professional.

Spring Cleaning Roof Tips

Finally, the snow is melting, you are turning your jackets in for light sweaters. This only means one thing, spring is here! Along with beautiful flowers and sunshine this season often brings about a wonderful opportunity for routine cleaning. We clean our teeth with routine spring checkups and we clean our closets to make room […]

Seven Simple Roofing DIY Tips

Have you ever put off getting your car checked out when the check engine light comes on, only to have to pay hundreds of dollars in repairs a few months later? Well the same predicament can happen to your home when you don’t pay attention to the signs of potential roof damage. To save you […]

How to Prepare for a Roof Replacement

The day before you begin a roof replacement project it is important that you set aside some time to prepare your home. This process should not take up much of your time, but it will help things to run much more smoothly when the contractors arrive the following day. Preparing the outdoor area This is […]

Why installing solar panel makes sense

If you only consider the upfront expenses of getting solar panels, you may think to yourself: Why would I ever spend this amount of money? The response of every solar panel producer will likely be: You will save thousands of dollars in the long run! While that is true, there are more reasons why you […]