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What You Need to Know About California Solar Incentives

In an effort to encourage consumers to use clean energy, homes and commercial establishments that will install solar panels until 2022 can enjoy California solar incentives that include a 26% tax credit.  The 26% solar incentives will continue until December 31, 2022, before it will decline to 22% the following year. In 2024, this tax […]

Why is electricity so expensive in California?

Why is electricity so expensive in California? California has one of the highest electricity rates in the country. What could be the reason? Aside from its diverse landscape, California is also known for its steep electricity rates. In fact, a recent report has shown that consumers pay around 80% more per kilowatt-hour than the national […]

Solar in California Explained

An extensive guide regarding solar power systems for residential areas in California California is currently the leader in solar power in the U.S., and it’s well ahead of its competitors. That can be attributed to the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standards, unique solar legislation, and largest cash-back homeowner incentives. California is also home to the world’s […]

Why Hiring Roofing Contractors When Going Solar Makes Sense

Why Go With Roofing Contractors for solar? When considering installing solar panel roofing, one good move that house owners can do is to hire a roofing contractor that can do both installation and maintenance. Why, you ask? Having roofing contractors can help you for a hassle-free experience, from installation to upkeep. These people will be […]

How long do solar panels last?

Getting solar panels for your house is a big investment. Given that, most people would like to know just how much value they’ll get from their money. Spending thousands of dollars for something that will last you only a few years isn’t practical, right? But don’t worry, solar panels have an average lifespan of 25 […]

Is The Tesla Solar Roof V3 Any Good?

When Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced its solar roof shingles in October 2016, it instantly gathered public interest. However, it took them almost two years before they installed the first solar roofs, and it wasn’t apparent if it was the ground-breaking technology they said it would be. Fast forward to October 2019, and the company […]

What is the Difference Between Micro-Inverters and String Inverters?

Solar energy is slowly gaining traction as one of the top alternative power sources. If you plan to transfer from a traditional energy setup to a solar-powered one, it’s best to understand how inverter technology works by learning the difference between string and micro-inverters. With the Earth’s atmosphere slowly thinning due to harmful chemicals being […]

Why Every Home (or Building) Should Generate Its Own Power

Today’s technology allows buildings and houses to generate their own power through different methods. Some houses use solar energy to power up their systems, others utilize wind from small-scale turbines to generate energy, and homes near bodies of running water are able to access hydroelectricity. These alternative methods of producing energy have proven to be […]

Solar Cells: What an Efficiency of 39.7% Means For Homeowners

With more and more businesses and households shifting to solar-powered systems, the competition in the solar energy market competition is as stiff as ever. Even the biggest polluters in the world, China and India, are leading the charge in solar power development. As such, there has been significant progress in developing solar energy, and the […]

How Do I Save Money at Home By Using Solar Panels?

Having solar panels installed on your roof does not automatically save you a lot of money. To do so, you must make an effort to follow some guidelines on how to utilize the energy they provide. It involves discipline and habits. People may find it difficult at first, but it would be very rewarding when […]