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Read about roofing contractors – the best practices, what to look for, and what makes Yorkshire Roofing one of the best choices to do the job.

What Are Commercial Roofing Mistakes You Should Avoid?

A roofing system must have a full-proof strategy. If you want to keep your property safe from harm for a long time, the commercial roofing system must be sturdy enough to keep the property safe. A damaged roof causes leaks, dampness, discoloration, and property damage. Also, don’t forget about the additional repairs on a roof […]

Simple Weatherproofing Hacks for Your Home

Weatherproofing your home offers a wide range of benefits: Reduced heating cost Comfortable indoor temperatures Lower chance of having mold or mildew growth Protection against water damage  By applying weatherstripping to your windows and doors and caulking other areas where the draft occurs, you can keep out hot air during the sweltering summer months and […]

Top 10 Signs You May Need a New Roof

Knowing the type of material your roof is made of is one way to determine if you need a complete replacement or just a patch and repair work. In general, copper, tile, and slate roofs can last 50 years or longer, cement shingles around 25 years, and asphalt shingles about 20 years.  Aside from the […]

How Trees Damage Your Roof and Ways to Prevent It

Do you know that mature trees in a landscape yard can increase the home value by up to 19%, as shown by nationwide surveys? But remember, trees that are too close to your roof may cause structural damage or reduce the life of your shingles, resulting in expensive repair and maintenance.  Risk of falling. If […]

Things To Look For When Hiring a Bay Area Roofing Contractor

Hiring a Bay Area roofing contractor can be a challenging task. There are a lot of contractors in Northern California, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the difficulty of the decision. To make things easier for you, there is really one thing you need to know – you should hire an Owens-Corning Roofing Platinum […]

Can I Repair or Replace my Own Roof?

The short answer is, “Yes, you can.” The better answer is “leave it to the experts.” There are a lot of videos on the internet about how to replace or repair your roof, however, going the DIY route is not always the best option. DIY roofing is difficult without the proper training and tools.  In […]

Signs your Roof Needs to be Repaired ASAP!

Many homeowners give little to no attention to their roofs. After all, this seemingly unimportant part of the house is not used actively. However, this mindset will lead to more significant problems in the future. You must take care of your roof like it takes care of you and your family.    When you see these […]

Common Signs That Your Roof Has Been Installed Incorrectly

The roof is your home’s first line of defense. Aside from daily wear and tear, it is exposed to elements like water and heat. However, the life span of your roof is not only determined by how badly it takes nature’s beating. Its life also depends on whether it was installed properly. A bad roof […]

Common roofing problems to watch out for in the summer

One of the most neglected parts of the house is the roof. Homeowners often forget this part of their homes until it is already broken. Especially in the summertime, people assume that no problem can arise in their roofs. The season is dry. There is no harsh force abusing the material of the roof. This […]

Signs that you need help from a professional roofer

There are times when it is perfectly fine to do things on your own, such as repainting a wall, mowing a lawn, or perhaps fixing a broken chair. However, there are other times when a professional is truly needed. Jobs that require expertise to ensure safety and quality are best left to the hands of […]