Repair & Maintenance

Learn more about repairs and maintenance for your roof and solar systems.

How to Maintain Your Solar Panels During the Summer?

How to Maintain Your Solar Panels During the Summer? You’ve probably heard your fair share of solar panel tips in the past, but now that summer is here and temperatures are soaring, it’s the perfect time to make sure you’re doing everything you can to maintain your solar panels. In this blog post, we will […]

Roofing in Livermore: 5 Common Problems You Need to Watch Out For

Roofing is a fundamental part of any house. It not only protects your house from the elements, but it also gives it a finished look. The right roof can make your house look modern and stylish. But, there are also some problems that can arise while you’re trying to keep your roof in good condition. […]

How To Protect Your Commercial Roof From Harmful Weather Conditions in Bay Area

Commercial properties come with several inherent risks that can negatively affect their profitability. While some risks are completely beyond a business’s control, such as natural disasters, other threats can be avoided with a bit of preventative maintenance. For example, one of the most common hazards facing commercial properties is exposure to the elements. Think of […]

What’s the Difference Between Commercial vs Residential Gutter Installations

It’s important to know the difference between commercial gutter installations and residential. There are a few differences in this process that you should be aware of before you start. The first being the size of the gutters and how it affects your property.  Commercial buildings typically have larger gutters, which means they need to be […]

How To Deal With Wind Damage?

Roof damage isn’t something you’re likely to worry about or notice as you approach your home. Instead, we’re generally relieved to see the skies lift and the light come through in a week of storms.  But keep in mind that hail or high winds might have caused substantial damage to your roof during those storms. […]

5 Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Commercial Roof

Checking the roof is one of the most important things to remember while managing a commercial property. A quick visual check might help you discover hidden problems before they become more severe and expensive to correct. Major roof issues might signal trouble for your business, or perhaps the end of it. For example, an unexpected […]

Facts about Asphalt Shingles Roofing Systems

Your roof is unquestionably among the essential components of your home. It not only protects your home and possessions from the elements but also aids in climate management. Additionally, roofs also provide your property with extra great architecture. One of the first things that come to mind when considering external improvement is roof renovation. With […]

Things You Need To Know About The Roofing Repair Process

Any time you see water damage on your ceiling (discoloration and sagging appearance), broken or missing shingles, and other telltale signs of damage, call a roof repair contractor asap to fix the problem. Remember, not acting soon enough can turn a small crack into a bigger, more expensive repair.  What happens during roofing repair? Before […]

What Are the Factors that Affect My Roof’s Lifespan?

How long your roof will last primarily depends on its material, but in general, copper, slate, and tile last around 50 years, while fiber cement shingles and asphalt composition roofs, on average, last 25 and 20 years, respectively. Some materials like wooden roofs are a poor choice in most US regions because they are not […]

Simple Weatherproofing Hacks for Your Home

Weatherproofing your home offers a wide range of benefits: Reduced heating cost Comfortable indoor temperatures Lower chance of having mold or mildew growth Protection against water damage  By applying weatherstripping to your windows and doors and caulking other areas where the draft occurs, you can keep out hot air during the sweltering summer months and […]