Repair & Maintenance

What You Need to Know About Roofing During Fall

You may notice that there are a lot of people getting their roofs fixed during the fall. With this high demand comes higher prices for roofing services available. Because of the price surge, many households tend to wait much longer before they call on roof repair services. But did you know that there are many […]

Insulating Your Attic For a Cooler Home

Now that summer is upon us, keeping your house cool is a necessity. While we enjoy the warm and bright days the summer season brings, one cannot deny the hassle of the sweaty and icky feeling that comes with it. Most homeowners turn to their AC during the summertime. But with the high cost of […]

Reasons Roofs Fail

The roof should be one of the toughest parts of your home. After all, it is the one responsible for protecting the entire house from harsh weather conditions and everything else. However, there are certain instances when roofs fail. Some roofs fail to function the way they are intended. Why? Well, let’s just say that […]

DIY Roofing Dangers to Avoid

There is something satisfying in seeing your work stand the test of time. However, DIY projects are more laborious than they look. YouTubers and bloggers may make DIY projects look easy, but don’t be fooled! You need to spend a lot of time and effort into finishing a project. If you are doing a task […]

Drainage Solutions for Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are considered to be modern, stylish, and sleek. However, having a flat roof can pose more problems than having a regularly sloped one. With that latter type, the water naturally goes down due to gravity. Water does not accumulate on the shingles. Unlike with sloped roofs, extra precautions should be taken when your […]

The Roof’s Top Problem Areas

From time to time, giving the roof the best care it needs is a must. After all, it is not something we do all the time. At most, we clean or repair our roofs twice a year. So, going big at those times is the only option! When you are cleaning or checking your roof […]

Roof Financing

ROOF FINANCING This may seem like a new concept for many people because since when do home components get their own accounts for loan. Often, a roofing loan would fall under a personal loan or a calamity loan. But, with the developments in the financing industry, the much-neglected roof is finally getting the attention it […]

What is solar energy and how do panels work?

There is no more straightforward way to define solar energy as the energy coming from the sun. The sun is a natural source of energy. It releases photons that can be converted into electrical energy by using elaborate devices. According to some studies, the amount of energy coming from the sun is so intense that […]

Is roofing insulation really that important?

Roof insulation is not one of the things homeowners usually focus on. Why would they? They don’t actively use it. They don’t see it all the time. They are not typically concerned about it as much as they worry about creaking floors and broken furniture. Roof insulation is that thing you do not pay attention […]

Common roofing problems to watch out for in the summer

One of the most neglected parts of the house is the roof. Homeowners often forget this part of their homes until it is already broken. Especially in the summertime, people assume that no problem can arise in their roofs. The season is dry. There is no harsh force abusing the material of the roof. This […]