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The decision to replace your roof is rarely an easy one. It’s important to do the research and talk with your contractor about what types of materials are available, their expected lifespan and cost, as well as how long the installation process will take. 


At Yorkshire Roofing, we’re all about protecting your investments. With a wide variety of quality roofing products and solar panels, we can help you create an attractive and long-lasting new look for any residential or commercial building. Call us now at (800) 794-7444!


You may also want to consider adding solar panels or another energy-saving feature at the same time. But why would you even consider doing both at once?

Why would you want to combine your roof and solar projects?

Like many homeowners, you’ve probably spent a lot of time and energy researching the best way to replace your roof and get solar panels. It cannot be easy to decide whether to do the two projects simultaneously, but there are several reasons why this makes sense.


First off, both projects require an investment of time and money. After all, if it were easy or cheap to replace your roof or install solar panels on your home—or both at once—you’d see more people doing it!


The two projects are complementary as well. Although they are technically separate processes, they work together to help your home become greener overall. 


Solar panels can extend the life of your roof by keeping water out more effectively than standard shingles (up to 20 years). And better insulation means lower energy costs for heating and cooling throughout all seasons, reducing emissions from burning fossil fuels for those purposes!


A new roof can be the perfect time to add solar.

When you’re replacing your home’s roof, you have the opportunity to install a solar system at the same time. It can save money and make your home more efficient by supplementing your electricity usage with clean energy.


By combining these two projects into one package, you may be able to receive tax credits or grants that help offset some of the cost of adding solar panels or other renewable energy systems.


Many homeowners choose to have their installer perform both jobs to save on labor costs. That’s especially true if someone else is installing your new panel to avoid delays in getting both jobs started.


They are complementary home improvement projects.

As we’ve discussed, a new roof is a significant investment. Solar panels are a long-term investment that can pay off in the long run. 


When you combine the two projects, you get additional benefits like reduced energy bills and increased home value. 

You may be able to take advantage of more rebates and incentives by having all your work done at once.


If you have enough extra cash from selling your old shingles (or getting them donated), you might even be able to pay upfront for some or all of the cost of both projects!


Solar panels help extend the life of your roof.

Solar panels are not heavy and bulky like other rooftop additions, so they don’t put extra stress on the structure of your roof. They also do not shift or move when installed properly and are one of the most stable types of roofing material available today. 


The vast majority of solar panels come with a 20-year warranty for residential use, which means you can rest assured knowing your investment will last that long. Roofing contractors are familiar with installing solar panels because they follow industry guidelines set by regulatory bodies.


Combining roof and solar projects is smart from every perspective.

There are more benefits to combining them than there are drawbacks. For example, you can get financing for two projects at once is easier than just one.


Combined with other additional energy efficiency measures like insulation upgrades or replacing old water heaters with new ones that have better insulation ratings, it will result in lower monthly bills.


And if anything goes wrong during either project, having both done while everything else is torn apart could complicate things (the contractor would have trouble knowing where something went wrong).


Key Takeaway

It’s easy to see why owners combine their roof and solar projects. The upfront cost is less, more incentives are available, and it makes financial sense. 


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