The roof of your home is a major investment and this particular step of the planning process should be approached while paying special attention to the details. By nature, a roof is only as good as the materials of which it is made and this is why it is essential to take the manufacturing process of the material into consideration when you and your Bay Area Roofing contractor decide the most appropriate roofing product for you home. The climate and weather systems surrounding the location of your home are especially relevant to the roofing process because the various environmental factors that your roof will be exposed to, such as, temperature, moisture, and pressure, will interact differently.

Asphalt Shingles: Prone to Blistering

Shingles made up of asphalt can be easily vulnerable to a potential problem known as blistering. Asphalt roof shingles will blister as a result of either moisture being trapped during the manufacturing process or poor heat ventilation can eventually lead to leaks and expensive roof damage if granules continue to recede due to natural weathering processes.

However, the primary concern with blistering asphalt shingles deals with the integrity of the granules in the asphalt itself. So long as the granules protecting the shingles remain and do not become dislodged, thus exposing the asphalt to harmful UV rays and potential leaks, then the asphalt shingles will still function adequately for your roof. Therefore, it is usually necessary to replace your roof’s shingles before they pop, which is an expensive alternative.

It is also therefore necessary to understand the preventative steps you can take to avoid popping shingles once you realize the asphalt shingles has acquired blisters. One step that is crucial in preventing blisters from popping, is removing any potential debris that could fall atop of your house and cause further roof damage. Hazards such as large, close hanging branches and even objects such as acorns and pinecones could easily fall on top of blistered shingles, causing those shingles to pop. It would be a benefit to the longevity of your roof if you closely trimmed trees surrounding your home.

Similarly, it is important to avoid directly walking on top if the shingles when doing regular roof maintenance or cleaning. Hail damage, another environmental factor affecting the durability of your roof, resembles blistered shingles and is obviously not something you can take measures to prevent. You can however tell the difference by paying close attention to the pattern of the damage. Hail damage will appear uniform in distribution across the roof, whereas popped shingles will appear scattered across the roof amongst non-popped shingles.

Blistering Roof? Call a Yorkshire Bay Area Roofing Contractor!

Once you have realized your shingles have indeed popped and are in need of replacement, you will find yourself in need of a professional Bay Area Roofing contractor who can handle such a task. You will thank yourself for years to come once you make the ideal investment in your roof by trusting the quality services and materials at Yorkshire Roofing. Not only will you find the best choices in roofing options, but Yorkshire Roofing also offers expert installation and labor services to ensure that your investment will maintain in appearance and function for the future of your home.