What’s the Best Material for Residential Gutters

The gutter is one of the most overlooked parts of the house even though it plays a critical role in protecting its foundation from water damage and rot. Without a system where water can flow from your roof and through the downspouts, your property is predisposed to cracks, flooding in the basement, and other types of structural damage.

Nowadays, gutters come in many shapes, sizes, and materials such as vinyl, aluminum, steel, and copper.

What’s the best material for residential gutters?

There is no single answer for this question because the best one primarily depends on your region’s climate. Other factors such as your budget, roof design, and personal preferences should also be taken into consideration.

Most Common Materials for Residential Gutters


Because vinyl gutters are lightweight, cheap, and relatively easy to install, they are the popular choice for DIYers. However, they are the least durable gutters–they tend to become brittle and look faded and worn out when exposed to sunlight and other elements


Copper is one of the most durable and long-lasting materials for residential gutters. Plus, it adds charm to the house since it ages well, creating this lovely blue-green patina over the years. But if you want to maintain the original color, you can apply a sealant to its surface to prevent oxidation.

However, copper gutters are expensive, so they are often reserved for high-end construction and historical restorations (and of course, people with a budget to spare).


Aluminum gutters are ideal if you live in a region that constantly rains or has high humidity (such as the coastal areas). Since they contain almost no iron, they don’t rust, so they’re considered excellent residential rain gutters. In fact, when exposed to water, their surface creates a film called aluminum oxide that provides additional protection against moisture.

On average, aluminum gutters can last between 30 and 70 years.

Galvalume Steel

Just like aluminum and copper gutters, galvalume gutters are also durable and highly resistant to rust because they are dipped in zinc and aluminum coating. 

Additionally, their distinct color (reflective silver similar to a gunmetal) doesn’t fade for a very long time; this makes them popular residential gutters for homeowners who want the minimalist and ultra-modern look.


While they used to be the norm a hundred years ago, the introduction of aluminum and other materials that are resistant to rust and corrosion have made them a poor choice, especially for homeowners living in humid and rainy regions.

Today, wood gutters are mainly reserved for historical renovations of houses and buildings.

Final Word

Again, the best residential gutters boil down to the climate in your region, your budget, and roof design. To learn more about this water collection system, visit Yorkshire Roofing, a company specializing in roofing, gutter, and solar installation in Northern California.

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