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Home buyers need to know what their money will buy them before they sign on the dotted line. One thing that makes this so challenging is that there aren’t many resources available for sellers trying to determine how much their home might be worth after making repairs or improvements. Here are some general maintenance tips, as well as Northern California roofing requirements.


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Fortunately for both parties involved, there are some simple steps you can take when preparing your property for sale:


Update your electrical wiring.


Electricians are required to meet current electrical codes. Updating the wiring in your home will increase its value because it shows that you’ve taken care of any potential hazards.


Updating your electrical wiring also ensures you have the most up-to-date safety features, such as GFCI outlets and fire alarms. You’ll be able to use more of your home’s features without worrying about the safety of your family or guests.


Repair any issues with the plumbing.


A common problem with older houses is plumbing issues. As time passes, pipes can become clogged, or water pressure can decrease. 


This may not be an issue if you’re living in the house yourself, but it could be a big concern if you’re trying to sell your house. It’ll be difficult to attract buyers who want a newer home with updated features like good plumbing.


Don’t forget to check the roof.


While the roof of your house is an important part of your home, it’s not always easy to tell if there are problems with it. That’s why we’ve listed important things about roofing repairs in Northern California:


Is the roof leaking?


Roof leaks can cause severe damage and health problems for you and your family. If there are water stains or if you can hear water dripping down on you when it rains, then it’s likely that your roof is leaking.

Are the shingles curling?


Curling shingles can make your house look ugly and even cause the roof to leak. Curling shingles are typically caused by water damage from storms or hail.


If you find more severe damage than just some curled-up edges, we recommend that you consult a professional roofing company in Northern California that has experience repairing asphalt composition shingles (ACS).


Is there any mold or mold damage?


A common problem for homes in California is mold. It’s important to get this taken care of before selling a house because buyers might not want to buy if they think there could be potential health risks associated with living in the house due to mold exposure.


You should also hire professionals who specialize in mold removal if you have large amounts of it growing on walls or ceilings. That’s because it can spread quickly and become more difficult to clean up over time.


Is the roof age appropriate for your region?


You can determine the age of your roof by looking at the shingles on the roof. When they have been in place for 20 years, they will show signs of wear and tear. 


As such, if you have a 30-year-old roof, it is considered to be well beyond its prime. If this is the case with your home’s roof, you should consider replacing it before selling your house in California.


Will you need a new roof before you sell your house?


If you need a new roof, make sure you know how much it will cost and how long it will take to install. You want to be sure that your budget can handle these costs before making the decision to do this work.


It can be tempting to try and save money by doing the work yourself, but this isn’t always possible or practical. If this appeals to you, then make sure that there’s enough time for the job before listing your home for sale!


Prevent a lawsuit from ever happening.


Before starting your home’s listing process, it’s important to ensure that all of this information is in order. If a general contractor makes repairs but then determines that the roof needs more extensive work than originally thought (or if there are any other issues), it can cost thousands more dollars to fix everything up. 


This is why it’s important to have an experienced roofing contractor in Northern California do an inspection before signing off on anything. It may be pricey, but it’s worth its weight in gold as you can avoid lawsuits from ever happening.


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