The Crucial Role of Roof Gutters in Protecting Your Property

Planning to install gutters on your roof? Or are you looking to repair a damaged gutter with a limited budget? Rain gutters are an important part of the roof and making sure they are set up well can do wonders in keeping your house in good shape. 


Most homeowners install a gutter system as soon as they settle into a house. The primary function of gutters is to direct rainwater away from your home to prevent it from entering small openings and causing water damage. While gutters are not an absolute necessity in all homes, it surely helps to have a system ready in case a heavy storm passes through. If you are still in doubt, you can check Home Reference’s take on which houses can afford not having gutters installed.


How Essential are Gutters?


Aside from protecting your roof from water clogging and keeping your home safe from water seepage, gutters also play a vital part in keeping your garden beds safe and preventing soil erosion. Garden beds are normally situated right next to the house, and if it rains hard without gutters to direct the water elsewhere, the rainwater will splash off the roof and into your plants. Rainwater that drops directly on the soil becomes absorbed gradually, but additional rainwater from an external source (in this instance, the roof) will most likely damage, or worse, drown your flowers and plants. 


Clogged or damaged gutters (or none at all) can also lead to structural damages in the long run. Basement flooding is not an uncommon effect of gutterless homes getting soaked by powerful storms, and if it happens often it can start to rot parts of the house. Persistent leaks can weaken the brickwork of your home, inviting penetrating damp inside.



Installing a Gutter System


The installation costs for a gutter system will vary depending on which material you choose. According to the home improvement website HomeAdvisor, the average installation cost ranges from $576 to $1,485 for around 200 feet. Vinyl gutters are the most affordable option at $3-5 per linear foot, while aluminum types go for $6-12. Steel gutters come a bit pricey at $9-20, and copper, the sturdiest material of the bunch, is valued at $25-40 per linear foot.


While professional installation is always recommended, some people opt to install gutters themselves. If you plan to do the same, you can check out this detailed DIY guide from Family Handyman, but also remember to stay safe when working on your roof yourself.


Repairing a Damaged Gutter


Gutters work very hard to keep the house safe, and the wear and tear from being regularly exposed to nature’s elements can lead to warping, cracking, and other types of damages. Checking on your gutter’s condition every now and then is highly recommended to ensure it can still do its task. Repairing it should always be done if necessary.


The repair costs for a broken gutter system will depend on what kind of damage it has suffered. For instance, if the downspout needs to be disposed of due to breakage, replacement parts can cost as little as $5-10. However, the real cost lies with the professional labor, as a gutter specialist will probably charge around $100 for the task.


If multiple parts of the gutter need to be replaced, it is more cost-efficient to get a completely new one instead. A full gutter replacement is priced between $1600-2200, and while that is still lower than a brand new set, buying a fresh gutter system ensures that the same issues won’t come up soon. 


When looking for the right price to pay for professional repairs, you can try to ask at least three gutter companies to get an average amount to work with. Properly-installed and well-repaired gutters are vital to ensuring that your house is well-protected from the dangers of rainy weather.

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