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We can all come out to meet the sun this spring and enjoy the warm sun rays on our skin. But before we enjoy this change in season, it pays to check first if your roof can still carry you through until summer, so you can avoid common roofing problems.

The integrity of your roof is essential to keeping your family safe and secure as the weather changes and the environment shifts from cold days to warm mornings.

Here are the top five “must do” tips for your roof this spring:


Figs, leaves, and other whatnots may have fallen on your roof. Be sure to declutter them before you head off to shop for a new wardrobe. These items can be dangerous for our roof if their stay is prolonged. They can cause fungi growth and clog on the roof waterways.


Moss may seem like harmless growth on your roof, but, this plant can actually burrow in your roof and cause leaks. As they grow, they become heavier and thicker. They darken the shade of your roof too that affects the overall beauty of your home. You do not want your house looking like it is fresh from a horror movie on a spring time right?


A lot of people neglect the soffits and facias because they simply line the eaves through of the roof and the panels. But, what homeowners fail to realize is that these items are actually the support system of the roof. They do not only make the roof beautiful, but it also supports some of the weight of the roof.


This is probably the most common activity for all homeowners. Shingles are one of the most vital parts of the roof. It protects the roof against the harmful and battering day to day weather conditions. A broken shingle that is not repaired immediately can cause more significant problems. Broken shingles can cause leaks, fungi or moss growth, and other roof problems.


Water may have been trapped on the roof due to clogged waterways. Due to the weather, the water may have solidified to become ice. And now that it is getting warmer again, the ice will surely melt and will create a water dam on your roof. When this happens, your gutters may suffer. The weight of the water may be too heavy for your drain to support it. Be kind to your gutters and remove dams immediately as soon as you have the time to inspect your roof.

These are only a few of the things that you can do for your roof, but just in case Winter has not been so kind and you saw traces of damages, it is best to leave the repairing to the professionals. A roof’s strength may have been compromised in the past season, for your safety, do not attempt to repair it yourself.

We, at Yorkshire, believes that safety should be put above everything. If you need immediate assistance, our team would be glad to receive your calls and inquiries.