Top 5 Benefits of Installing Solar Roof Systems

If you live in NorCal, installing solar roof systems is a worthwhile investment that adds value to your home and significantly reduces your energy cost. Thanks to the region’s Mediterranean climate, you have renewable clean power available every day of the year, even on cloudy days.

Solar panel roofing still works even when clouds partially block the light, although it works best in direct sunlight. Another thing to keep in mind is that rain actually helps it operate more efficiently by washing away dirt and dust accumulated on its surface.

As a clean and renewable source of energy, California offers statewide incentives for residents who install solar panels on their roofs, with some municipalities and local utility companies even offering loans and solar rebates to encourage homeowners to invest in solar panel system for home.

Scroll below to learn more about the top benefits of installing a solar roof system.

  1. Add value to your home 

Any renovation or installation of ‘smart’ and energy-efficient technology can add value to your home. In fact, one recent study shows that after factoring out certain variables, homes with solar panel roofing sell 20% faster than properties without this renewable energy source. 

Whether you’re an environmentally conscious homeowner or simply a pragmatic one, a solar panel system is always a worthwhile investment. 

  1. Save more money 

Solar panel system costs money upfront, but it helps you save money on electricity bills in the long term. According to Energysage, average homeowners can save between $10,000 and $30,000 over the lifetime of their solar panels. 

And if you live in a sunny region like North California where the average number of sunny days is 251, you may even save more since the solar panel system works best in direct sunlight.

  1. Option to go off-grid 

Solar panel systems are available in three models: off-grid, grid-tied, and hybrid. Grid-tied is the ideal choice for most homeowners because of its low upfront cost; you don’t need to buy a battery backup system to store your excess energy. 

In a grid-tied solar panel system, excess power goes to the utility grid. And in the event that you need more power, the grid will fill in the gap. The main advantage of this model is the low upfront cost, although the downside is that you won’t have electricity in case of an outage. 

However, you have the option to go off-grid, which means you are not connected to any utility company, so you won’t experience any power outage. Being self-sustaining offers many advantages, but you need to invest in a battery pack system if this model sounds appealing to you. 

The third model, hybrid, is a combination of off-grid and grid-tied models. 

  1. Low maintenance and durable 

Despite the growing popularity of other renewable energy sources like wind turbines, the solar panel system remains the most ideal for homeowners because it requires very little maintenance and is remarkably durable. 

By contrast, wind turbines are prone to lightning strikes and wind damage. Additionally, they cost more in maintenance than solar panel systems and can only be repaired by highly specialized technicians. 

  1. Lower carbon emissions 

On average, a solar panel system lowers a homeowner’s electricity-related carbon emission by 80%. This is a significant reduction since an average US household produces around 7 tons of carbon dioxide every year when using conventional energy sources to cool or heat their house. 

Final Word

Solar roof installation adds value to your home and reduces your carbon footprint and energy cost, making this one of the most worthwhile investments you can make in your home. It’s a win-win solution for a consumer who wants to save money and the environment as well. 

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