Winter Roof

We spend time planning our houses, spending resources and making sure every detail fits the theme of our homes. One of the main reasons why is because we want to make sure all of the materials are durable and reliable to protect our families. But sometimes, since we know too well the capacity of our homes, we tend to abuse it and use it up over its capacity. One household item that experiences this the most is the roof. We tend to overuse it and some of us don’t even plan on repairing and changing it despite the rusts and small breaks. That’s why in this article, we gathered some important don’ts you should take note of for your rooftop:


No matter how small or big an item is, if it is not intended for your roof, do not hang them or place them there. Sometimes, we want to stay fit, strong, and healthy, even outside the gym. So, we install basketball hoops on our roof so we can do some shooting practices in between downtime. Other times we want to enhance the ambiance of our homes, especially during Christmas and other holidays. We tend to hang Christmas lights, lanterns, and other decorative ornaments.

No matter how sturdy or durable our roofs are, practicing the habit of placing alien objects on top of it can still cause a major problem in the future.


When seasons change, we always want to check the credibility of our roof. And sometimes, we notice a little bit of debris in the shallow corners. Often times, we ignore it because it is too small to cause a problem until eventually the debris gathers and has become the main cause of our headache. Sometimes, this debris carry seeds that can burrow themselves on the roof. It can also be the cause for the forming of moss and algae which can destroy the gutters and even shingles when left unattended.


Often times, we get frustrated with how our roofs have become. So to cut costs, instead of removing the old roof and getting a brand new replacement, we choose to take the short cut and just install a new one over the old one. However, this will not do you any good. This will only make the problem worse in time, and eventually more costly. Your old roof may have unresolved issues that can affect the new roof over time. Here’s how you can prepare for a roof replacement.


Sometimes, when we check the roof and see nothing above, we tend to pull out cracked or slipped shingles. While it is good that you made an effort to check the roof, pulling the shingles might not be the best way to do it. So, if you are not sure how you should be checking your roof, Yorkshire Roofing can be your friendly neighborhood contractor who can help you with all your roofing needs.

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