The roof on your house is the number one thing that is protecting your house from the outside elements. You want to make sure that it is well taken care of with routine maintenance. There are many different things that can endanger your roof and you want to watch out for those all year, as well as during your semi-annual maintenance inspections.

Trees: Trees bring beauty to your landscaping, but can also be detrimental to your roof if not properly maintained. During high wind, storms, ice storms or heavy rain, trees have the potential to break limbs and cause damage to your roof. Limbs can break off and fall on your roof, which can cause shingles to break or become dislodged from your roof. This can lead to leaks in your attic, which can cause many other issues by letting moisture inside. By semi-annually, or annually inspecting your trees you can alleviate the chance of limbs breaking. If you notice during your inspections that any limbs seems heavy, or weighted down, you can trim back foliage or even cut off branches to avoid any limb breakage.

Moss: Moss will grow in wet climates and can take over your roof in a matter of time. Moss can not only cause cosmetic problems and make your roof look less attractive, but moss usually weakens the roof putting it at risk for collapsing. It is best to take care of moss as soon as it is spotted. Moss is generally easy to treat if spotted early. This is why semi-annual inspections are so important.

Algae: Algae usually shows up on your roof during the warm and humid summer seasons. Although algae is not as harmful as moss on the roof, it still poses great danger to the roof. Algae is easy to treat by spraying a mixture of water and a bleach designed to eliminate algae. If you don’t feel comfortable on your roof, Yorkshire Roofing can get on your roof for you and help you with any issues that pose a threat to endangering your roof.

Icicles: During the winter months, houses look beautiful with Icicles hanging from the eves and gutters. However, they can cause serious damage to your roof. Icicles usually form when snow on the roof melts then runs down the roof then refreezes on the roof edge. Icicles can cause mold formation, wood rot, water damage as well as leak if they are not removed in an adequate time. The best way to avoid getting Icicles hanging down from your roof is to make sure that snow does not collect on your roof. Good working attic ventilation on your roof is also a way to keep your roof cool to help prevent icicles from forming.

Hail: Hail comes in all different sizes. No matter what the size, hail can cause all sorts of damage to your roof. Over time granules will be weakened causing leaks and other related water damage to the roof. When a hailstorm strikes, you need to call an expert to inspect the roof immediately to see if there is any potential damage. Yorkshire Roofing can help you with any issues that pose a threat to your roof.