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From time to time, giving the roof the best care it needs is a must. After all, it is not something we do all the time. At most, we clean or repair our roofs twice a year. So, going big at those times is the only option! When you are cleaning or checking your roof for maintenance and repair, consider the list below!  

These are the roof’s top problem areas that you should pay attention to.  


Shingles comprise the most visible part of the roof. They make up most of the roof covering. They are flat and usually rectangular. The lifespan of shingles varies depending on the material used. Some are made to last 50 years. Some last for 20 years. However, the periods mentioned is not without qualifications. Despite claims of typical lifespans, how long they last are dependent on whether or not they are properly cared for. The best thing to do is to inspect your roof shingles biannually. Check for discoloration and displacement of the tiles. Also, when shingles are exposed to sunny weather like in California, they tend to crack or bend. Look for signs of damage. If you ever find one, call the experts immediately.  


Another essential part of the roof that you should check regularly is the gutter. The gutter plays a vital role in your home. It collects the water and keeps your house dry and free from water damage. Especially in the last quarter of the year, the Bay Area experiences a significant amount of rainfall. During this time, the gutters work extra hard to contain the rain’s downpour. Aside from this, the gutters may be clogged from the dirt, gunk and dried leaves from the fall. Make sure to conduct a regular gutter clean-up to avoid the build-up of dirt. Failing to do so thoroughly can result in more significant damage to your roof.   


Flashing is a thin strip of metal used to prevent the passage of water into your roof. It is generally installed around the joints. Water tends to accumulate in this part of your roof, so it is critical to check the flashing for cracks or leaks. Otherwise, water may seep through it, causing damage to the entire roof and attic. It is better to hire a professional for proper inspection. It is a dangerous task to go up on your roof and check every possible damage. Leaving the matter to the experts is the wisest thing to do.  

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