Most of us wash our cars, we clean our carpets every once in a while, and even have the windows on our homes washed, but we don’t necessarily consider the roof of our homes to be one of the items on our annual cleaning list. Well, from this day forward if you are a home or business owner and have never before thought of having your roof cleaned or professionally maintained by a Bay Area roofing company on the annual basis, then allow the following reasons illustrate to you why roof cleaning is something to take seriously this year.

Why roof cleaning should matter to homeowners:
Bay Area Roofing experts will tell you that a lack of roof cleaning and regular maintenance ultimately translates to higher costs and increased energy bills for two reasons” -The accumulation of dirt and debris on top of a roof for an extended period of time results in an increased chance for punctures, clogged drains, and shingle damage, which eventually will cost you hundreds of dollars in repair and replacement costs when not tended to.

Excess weight and strain put on your roof from debris and other materials ends up hiking up your energy bills, in the winter and the summer, because your HVAC system needs to work twice as hard to circulate heat and air throughout the house.

What should homeowners do for their part when it comes to roof cleaning?

While you will ultimately seek the professional care and advice from Bay Area roofing professionals, there are a couple of ways you can improve the condition of your roof on your own. Remember: safety is paramount and hands-on maintenance should only be performed with the proper equipment, the help of an additional person, as well as in ideal weather conditions.

Here are two steps you can take when cleaning your roof:

  1. Inspect for damage: By looking for any signs of shingle damage (i.e., missing shingles, loose shingles, lack of granules, etc.), water damage, standing water, clogged gutters, pipes, and scuppers, you can both alert the Bay Area Roofing company to the problem, as well as anticipate and prevent a potential major issue.
  2. Remove the debris: Bay Area Roofing experts often recommend the biannual cleaning and de-clogging to homeowners in California because of the potential for unpredictable weather patterns that could end up resulting in the clogging of the roof’s gutters more frequently than you might think. If you feel comfortable performing a gutter-cleaning on your roof, be sure to use the appropriate safety and protective gear, as well as the appropriate tools for the job, including a hose, trowel, gloves, bucket for debris, etc.

Contact your Bay Area Roofing company, Yorkshire Roofing, for a professional inspection and maintenance session

Now that you can see why you should take roofing seriously this year as a resident of California, it’s important to leave the crucial job of roof cleaning to the dedicated Bay Area Roofing experts at Yorkshire Roofing, who you can trust to get the job done right every time. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local Bay Area Roofing Yorkshire Roofing, expert today because it’s never too soon to get your roof in top shape!