As the summer season approaches, it brings with it intensified and sometimes, dangerous weather patterns. Make sure you do yourself the favor of doing a thorough maintenance check on your roof before a potential problem arises.

Thunderstorms and intense heat can be uniquely problematic to a roof; however, there are several small tips Bay Area Roofing experts suggest you take in order to prevent weather-related damage that will also help you maintain the longevity of your roof.

Bay Area Roofing Expert Tips for Summer

Take for example the importance of performing a visual inspection on the status of your roof, preferably in the morning before the temperature heats up. It is recommended for safety reasons that you perform this inspection from the ground or if you are physically capable, you can safely utilize a ladder if necessary. From the ground you can easily use a set of binoculars to get a complete look at the surface area of the roof and be certain if there are any potential problems.

The potential problems you need to be looking out for are numerous and some will require a Bay Are Roofing Company to fix them. Pay close attention to fallen debris, which may have become lodged into shingle valleys and other previously useable areas because this debris can actually lead to shingle cracking and eventually, roof, leaks. You may also be required to have the debris, such as fallen leaves and twigs, flower buds, and pinecones, removed if too much has accumulated in one area.

Similarly, also take note of the general condition of the shingles themselves to make sure there are no cracks, dents, or lifted shingles. Damaged shingles can be the start of a serious problem so it remains crucial to tend to them as soon as possible. The metal strips (flashing) around the areas of the chimney, vents, satellite dishes, skylights, or any other roof feature which protrudes, all deteriorate over time and must be tended to in a timely manner to avoid damage. Likewise, another feature of your roof, which needs a thorough examination, includes the guttering system because this is a hotspot for plant debris to accumulate, preventing drainage and causing the gutters to rust. You can address this problem by manually pumping water with a hose through the length of the gutters until all blockages have been cleared away. The inability of the water to make it through the gutters will reveal a more serious block, in need of further maintenance? Call your Bay Area Roofing Company. Gutters also are prone to loosen when exposed to heavy winds so it is important to properly tighten them upon inspection. When inspecting the gutters, also make sure that you are cautious of the area surrounding the eaves of the roof because this is where bees and birds like to make their nests.

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By following these simple maintenance tips this season, you can insure the life and longevity of your Bay Area roof and make sure that it is ready for the all of potential hazards brought on by the summer weather. And if you need expert advice or help, feel free to call your Bay Area Roofing Company, Yorkshire Roofing.