You’ve got a leak on your roof. You have identified the source of the leak and you are now waiting on a San Jose Roof Repair contractor. There are two temporary remedies for a leaky roof that you can use while you wait for the leak to be repaired. Before you climb onto the roof of your home, remember that it is easy to slip, particularly on wet tile; there is also danger from tree branches, power lines, and ladders. If you are going to climb onto your roof, wear non-slip, rubber soled shoes and use a firmly braced ladder equipped with rubber safety feet.

Repairs are made from the outside of the roof; a quick way to temporarily fix a leaky roof is by placing buckets under the leaks. These will catch the water and prevent damage to your flooring or carpet. Buckets are easy to replace and provide a quick temporary remedy to the smaller leaks.

On the outside of the roof, you can use plastic sheeting or tar paper. Plastic sheeting is the most temporary measure to leaks. Take heavy plastic sheets and use roofing nails to fasten them around the hole. You can also use cement blocks or sandbags to hold down the plastic if you are unable to find nails.

Roofing paper is another temporary remedy to a leaky roof. Roofing paper is also known as tar paper or roofing felt. Roofing paper can be applied with trowel grade roofing plastic cement and a trowel; these are best applied in overlapping layers.

The smaller holes may be patched with roofing plastic cement. Use a trowel to spread the roofing plastic cement over the holes.

Try to resist the urge to get up on a ladder to take a closer look at your damaged roof and use binoculars instead to spot torn or missing shingles. Always remember that stepping on the roof can be very dangerous as you could fall of or through a weak, damaged section of the roof. Leave the hard work to a San Jose Roof Repair specialist such as Yorkshire Roofing. Leaks can become a huge hassle; don’t let it be by contacting San Jose Roof Repair specialists at Yorkshire Roofing.