It is an exciting experience to move-in to your first house. Whether it’s a brand new home or a mortgage place, the feeling of independence and success is just overwhelming. And sometimes, because we are too overwhelmed, we tend to overlook important details of the house we just bought. This includes checking the heating, ventilation, lighting, and even the roof.

A lot of first time buyers do not really see flaws with the newly bought house the rain starts a heavy downpour and leaks are everywhere or when snow starts to visit your living room while you sip your coffee in the morning after a storm.

So here are the little things you should still keep in mind while enjoying that new home: first, know where to look for trouble. Roofs are complex structures under multiple layers. Knowing where to look is the best way you can survey if there are anomalies going on in your roof. It might be best to start in the attic and work your way out to the roof itself. Check gutters and shingles, and even near-by trees.

Next is to see what your options are, are the problems too big for a DIY and needs an expert hand or can you repair it yourself? There are various roofing options available in the market but it is best to know what type of roofing fits the type of your home and weather it is pre-exposed to. For roofing, it is best to consider functionality over aesthetic. If you live in a sunny state, best go for light sturdy shingles, but you battle storms almost every month go for a more concrete option.

Should you choose to hire a contractor, make sure that you are speaking to a reputable company. Cost is not everything when dealing with these companies, affordable doesn’t always equate to equality, the same way expensive translates to premium service. Try to check with the neighborhood who is the most reliable contractor for that kind of service, chances are, you will probably hear on or two names consistently. From there, you can narrow the search.

After everything has been settled, last but not the least; know about the proper maintenance of your roof. If you availed of the contractor service, best to ask the workers who were sent to your house about the dos and don’ts of your roof, when is the best time for a check-up, and other minor troubleshooting tasks that you can do should little problems start to come up. Maintaining a roof regularly may seem costly at first, but this small cost is still much cheaper when compared to getting an overhaul of the entire roof. A monthly service of $100 to $150 dollars should hurt but it hurts even more when you have to dole out $10,000 one time pay because the algae on the roof is already impossible to dig out, our your gutters have already been claimed by rust, or worst rodents have already made a home out of your furnace. Preventing these things from happening is still the best option to minimize the headache,