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Renewable energy has been an essential point of interest in many industries worldwide for quite some time now. The rising environmental problems have resulted in people trying to incorporate renewable energy’s use in different ways that were previously not thought. One such way is using solar roofing tiles. These tiles function like your common roofing tiles but can capture and store energy from the sun using their solar cells. But this is a new emerging technology. What are the pros and cons of using this in your home?

Solar roofing tiles have their fair share of pros and cons. However, since it is a new technology, not many people know about them in detail. Here are the things you need to know about solar roofing tiles:

Pros of Solar Roofing Tiles

Aesthetically Pleasing

A prototype Solar Roof Tile made by Tesla/Solar City. Photo by BNC319.

Solar roof tiles look better than traditional asphalt shingles that are commonly used roofing material for houses. The solar roof tiles look sharp and sleek. Your roof will look a lot cleaner if you use solar roof tiles compared to putting external solar panels.


One thing about solar roof tiles that people may not know about is its durability. Even though they are made of glass, these tiles are much more durable than other commonly used roofing tiles. Solar roof tiles can withstand up to 3 times the stress normal roofing tiles could. They can handle hurricane-level winds and come with a class-3 hail rating. In short, they are tough.

Extended Warranty

Apart from being very durable, solar roof tiles also come with a very long warranty. The tiles have 30 years of warranty, longer than the 25-year warranty of asphalt shingles. Some brands even offer a lifetime warranty, which should prove how confident the manufacturers of these tiles are regarding its quality. Also, that means you never have to buy them again.

Green Energy

The main takeaway for having solar roof tiles is that you can generate your electricity for your house. It may not be able to cover the entire household’s consumption, but it will certainly take a big portion of your monthly dues. Not only that, it comes from a safe, eco-friendly manner.

Cons of Solar Roofing Tiles


What can be discouraging for most people is that solar roof tiles are very expensive. These tiles can cost you up to $22,000 more than if you just buy solar panels for your roof. But then again, these panels are less durable and less aesthetically pleasing because they are bulky, and they stand out.

Less Efficient

Compared to traditional solar panels, solar roof tiles generate less electricity. It is because of their size. Since they are smaller, they cannot dissipate heat as much as solar panels could, affecting their energy production. Due to their size and appearance, you would sacrifice about 23% of the energy yield.

Unknown Return on Investment

There are many factors on which the return on investment of these tiles depend on. These include geography and weather. Since solar roof tiles require sunlight, it is more efficient in places that usually have sunny weather like Arizona, California, and Nevada. Your home’s own inclination to the sun also matters a lot. Given these things, people’s ROI on solar roof tiles may vary greatly.

Are Solar Roof Tiles Safe?

Even if they are a bit new to the market, solar roof tiles have been studied and developed greatly over the past several years. They have been made to be more durable and safer to use. Although, there is still a risk of failure, just like any other electrical system would have.

Are Solar Roof Tiles Worth the Price?

If you are thinking long-term, then yes. Replacing your current roofing with tile roof solar would be a big investment. Just as previously mentioned, the return on investment would vary for different households. However, one thing is for sure: you will eventually save enough electricity cost to cover your initial expense. Not to mention that these tiles will last for a very long time.

If you think that solar roofing tiles are worth the investment, contact us at Yorkshire Roofing, and let’s find out what’s best for you. We will guide you through every step and install them for you, hassle-free. Now, the question is for you to answer. Should you get them?