With the intense summer heat just around the corner for California residents, it’s that time again for us to begin preparing our homes for everything the summer season brings along with it.

Due to the fact that the summer weather is becoming increasingly dry and hot, one of the most important seasonal inspections that you can do to help protect your home against the damage from the sun includes a thorough maintenance check upon the current state of the roof. California roofing contractors regard regular inspections as one of the best ways homeowners can help ensure the stability and longevity of their home’s roof, so in order to get you off on the right foot this summer season, here is a list of tips and methods you can use to begin preparing your roof for the weather ahead!

  • Perform a visual inspection on the status of your roof: Inspect the condition of your roof, preferably in the morning before the temperature heats up, by looking for loose shingles and tiles, an accumulation of leaves and debris, and clogged gutters or spouts. It is recommended for safety reasons that you perform this inspection from the ground using a set of binoculars, or if you are physically capable, you can safely utilize a ladder if necessary. Pay close attention to the areas of the roof where debris may have become lodged over the winter months, like the shingle valleys, as the accumulation of materials like this on your roof can cause damage over time.
  • Take note of the state of your shingles, specifically the granule composition: Damaged shingles can be the start of a serious problem so it remains crucial for you to address any damage as soon as you notice them. Be sure to observe other signs of potential shingle-damage, such as missing, bent, or cracked shingles, as they will become even more damaged quickly in the hot summer sun.
  • Inspect all protrusions and openings in and around the roofing system: The metal strips (flashing) around the areas of the chimney, vents, satellite dishes, skylights, or any other roof feature which protrudes, all deteriorate over time and must be tended to in a timely manner to avoid damage. Moreover, roofing protrusions could have experienced damage during the winter storms earlier in the year, which could translate into some serious problems for your roof if they are not addressed in time.
  • Examine all components of your roof, including the guttering system, in order to fully prepare the entire roofing structure for summer: As gutters are commonly a hotspot for debris and other unwanted materials to accumulate and cause damage, be sure to thoroughly inspect and clean the entirety of the guttering system, also making the appropriate adjustments to the gutters, checking for tightness and proper angle of downspouts.
  • For a complete and professional inspection of your roof, it is always a good idea to consult with an expert roofing contractor for your roof’s annual maintenance check: While there are a number of do-it-yourself steps to take to prepare your roof for the upcoming summer like the ones above, it is essential for your roof to be inspected by a professional contractor in order to get a comprehensive understanding of the status of the roof of your home.

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