Happy Holidays! Yorkshire Bay Area Roofing is here to offer you an ultimate to-do list to protect your home this winter! Here at Yorkshire, we often get calls on roof repairs brought about by ice dams that occur during winter season. Ice dams, if left unattended, could result in permanently damaging your roof. Consequently, that would cost more than the preventive maintenance expenses you may incur.

Your home’s primary defense against the winter season is your roof. Throughout the year, your roof has protected you and your loved ones from the harsh weather. Preventive maintenance may be costly, but damage from neglect is more expensive than what you may possibly spend preventing.

Solid roofing in the Bay Area is a necessity, especially with its ever-changing climate conditions. Your roof is a long-term investment, as well as a long-term protection from harm. Winter is especially cruel with its freezing temperatures that are detrimental to your roof’s longevity.

In order to avoid unnecessary expenses, here are some winter roofing tips for those who live in Bay Area, and beyond:

  1. Clean your roof before the arrival of winter. Roof damages and leaks can be brought about by debris. Clear your roof from dead leaves, garbage, and other waste materials.
  2. Trim overhanging branches. If a tree near your house has its overhanging branches on your roof, go ahead and trim those branches. Trimming these branches will significantly reduce the clutter on your roof; cleaning your roof will be a breeze. One of our clients had an experience with overhanging branches damaging their roof; she was satisfied with the repairs made by Yorkshire Roofing’s contractor.
  3. Inspect your roof. Checking your roof before winter sets in is another way to prepare for the cold season. You may have been diligent in clearing your roof from debris, but a missing or curled shingle is still a hazard. Professional Bay Area roofing companies such as Yorkshire Roofing can help with roof inspection and assessment. A worn-out roof may need additional repairs, depending on its design. If your area is prone to severe winter storms, heavy snow loads, and ice buildup, call your trusty Bay Area Roofing Company, Yorkshire Roofing, to assist you with any roof leak and pre-winter repairs.READ MORE: Questions to Ask a Bay Area Roofer before Hiring
  4. Unclog gutters. Cleaning your gutters affects your winter situation greatly, as clogged gutters may lead to ice dams that are detrimental to your roof and attic. Ice dams tend to form at the gutter since ice dams are made from melted snow as it reaches the cold roofline. Ice dams prevent water from draining; water will make its way into your roof shingles as a result. Don’t forget to clear your downspouts as well! You’ll find leaves, twigs, and other garbage in your gutters; dispose them properly!
  5. Attic insulation. Insulating your attic is another precaution you can take in order to prevent ice dams.  A well-insulated attic does not let too much heat to escape from you attic; therefore, snow doesn’t melt easily. Ice dams are the leading cause of roof leaks, so insulating your attic makes a big difference in protecting your roof and your home. Owens Corning has designated Yorkshire Roofing of Northern California as a Top of the House Certified Preferred Contractor for Owens Corning insulation. Owens Corning Corporation is the world’s largest manufacturer of fiberglass and related products, including fiberglass insulation.
  6. Elastomeric Roof Coating. Fall is the best time to apply elastomeric roof coating. An elastomeric roof coating is a protective coating material with rubber-like properties that seals and protects aging roofs. Elastomeric roof coating can be applied over many different types of roofs. This material will definitely help your roof to last throughout the winter, and even more.
  7. Post-storm clean up. This is tedious, but getting rid of snow accumulation on your roof can also prevent roof leaks. Use a roof rake, as this is an ideal tool to remove excess snow from your roof. To remove snow and ice, start from the edge and work your way into the roof using downward strokes. Try to scrape the snow along the bottom of the roof, shaving two or three inches off. There’s no need to scrape the roof entirely clean, as this will risk damage to your roof shingles or other roof covering.
  8. Homemade interventions. A nifty do-it-yourself solution with ice dams involves the use of a nylon stocking with calcium chloride ice melt in it. Place the nylon stocking with ice melt across the ice dam or inside your gutter to melt the ice away. Ice dams may be pretty thick, so melting a channel where water can run through will suffice. Remember to purchase calcium chloride, not rock salt. Rock salt can damage your roof. On the other hand, calcium chloride damages plants, so you’d better clear those plantings or shrubs near the waterspout.
  9. Other safety precautions. Icicles may be cute to look at, but are perilous. Icicles can be an indicator of an ice dam, but if there’s no water trapped behind these icicles, it is generally safe. However, icicles are still dangerous, especially when it falls off. Safely knock these icicles from an angle; do not position yourself beneath the icicles. Other concerns such as permits, lien notices, workers’ compensation insurance, and warranties should be in order for any job done by a contractor for your roof repairs. Yorkshire Roofing can assist Bay Area residents with their concerns on roofing maintenance and safety. Also, Yorkshire Roofing offers a five-year workmanship warranty on most products, and a lifetime warranty on some products.

Winter holidays should be enjoyed with your loved ones to the fullest. But as they say, winter is coming, so better be prepared or risk the large expense of losing your roof. If you need professional assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us or call us through our toll-free number! Yorkshire Roofing is here to help!