The day before you begin a roof replacement project it is important that you set aside some time to prepare your home. This process should not take up much of your time, but it will help things to run much more smoothly when the contractors arrive the following day.

  1. Preparing the outdoor area

This is definitely the most important step of all. If you have time for nothing else, be sure that you at least tend to the outdoor obstacles. This means moving outdoor furniture out of the way, clearing any obstacles including garbage cans, tools, toys or anything else that could compromise a safe work environment. This also protects your property from falling debris. If you have an air conditioning unit at the side of your house you may want to protect it by placing a sheet or large plywood overtop of it, so that it does not get damaged.

  1. Prepare an area for waste management.

In the process of replacing a roof, a lot of waste material will be acquired. Most teams will bring with them a roll off dumpster, or possibly a dumpster truck. In either case these bulky objects require some space, so be sure to prepare some room hopefully on your driveway.

  1. Take precautions with fragile items.

During this project your home will experience some serious vibrations which will the inside as well as the outside of your home. It is a good idea to take some precautions by removing any free hanging mirrors or picture frames off the walls. You should also secure any fragile items that could be broken if they were to fall over.