Not many homeowners are aware of what ponding water resistant coating is, and how beneficial it is for your home. Yorkshire Roofing, your premier San Jose roofing company, is here to let you know more about ponding water resistance and why you should have it right now.

What is ponding water resistance?

Ponding water resistance is the ability of coating to protect your home’s surface from damage caused by water that stands for forty-eight hours or more, especially those caused by rain. A ponding water-resistant coating will help prevent rusting, corrosion, leaks, and the like.

The above definition of ponding water resistance is in relation to what it can do for you roof as a coating. But as to what happens to the coating itself when exposed to standing water, a ponding water-resistant coating will remain to be bonded to the roof, and thus providing protection to the roof.

What causes ponding water?

Any source of a considerable amount of water can cause ponding water. Rain, faucet left open, cleaning the roof, anything at all. The source of water is not an issue at all. The problem is what causes the water to stand on the roof for forty-eight hours or more. The following can cause water to be collected on the roof:

  1. The roof is flat (like those of condominiums or apartments that have concrete roofs, or those with rooftops).
  2. There is no proper drainage on the roof.
  3. There is a drainage system installed but it is clogged.
  4. Certain parts of the roof developed huge dents due to impacts of whatever cause and are enough to collect water.
  5. And given above reasons, maintenance and repairs have not been made to resolve the issue of standing water. 

Why is ponding water resistance important?

Ponding water resistance is a benefit that should be present in all coatings. But sadly, that is not the case.

Without ponding water resistance, your roof will develop rust, corrosion and leaks, which would lead to the destruction of the whole roof. Also, wouldn’t it be so bothersome to have to deal with water inside the house every time it rains? Ponding water resistance will protect you from these. Although ponding water resistance won’t stop your roof from deteriorating over time, it will significantly strengthen your roof.

How to check if your roof’s coating is ponding water resistant?

To check whether or not your roof has ponding water resistance, splash a pail or two of water on your roof and check if it stays there after 2 days. It is best to do this when there is not a lot of sunshine as to cause the evaporation of the water you just splashed. Also, make sure that there are no leaks on the portion of the house below where you splashed the water.

Equip your roof coating with ponding water resistance!

You know how bad ponding water can be, and how you can prevent it. The trusted San Jose roofing company, Yorkshire Roofing, can help you get rid of that pesky ponding water from your roof. Call us now and let’s drive away that ponding water with the best in San Jose roofing!