The roof of your home serves as its primary defense against the elements, so when a component of your roofing system isn’t working because it was improperly installed then your home becomes vulnerable and exposed to the elements that can cause expensive damage. One of the most important parts of a roofing system is the roof flashing, and it helps prevent water from penetrating underneath the roof and into your home, but only when installed correctly!

What is flashing?

A roof’s flashing protects your roof by sealing out all the water and moisture around vulnerable areas and is installed around the intersections made by chimneys, sunlights, window openings, ventilation pipes, grooves, valleys, and other roof obstacles. Flashing is commonly made from the following materials: lead, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, plastic, rubber, and even impregnated paper.

What does the flashing do?

Flashing is essential to a properly functioning roof because of its role in keeping moisture from penetrating beneath the roof. The flashing is important because it’s the only barrier between the openings and joints of the roof protecting them from the outside water and moisture. A roof without a properly installed flashing system is extremely susceptible to exposing a home to mold damage, as water can travel through and underneath openings in the roof if they are not appropriately sealed and protected.

Why is the exactness of the installation of the flashing so important?

A quality water-barrier system, which is provided for your roof by properly installing the flashing, is absolutely necessary when it comes to protecting against water related damage. Just as with any seal apparatus, the point of flashing is to keep a watertight seal along all roof- openings so as to prevent water from being able to leak into your home through the roof. The problem with poorly installed flashing is that you often won’t find out about it until the water damage from the leaks has already accumulated enough to cause mold damage. This is why it is absolutely essential to have the flashing installed correctly by a certified roofing contractor from the start.

How else can improperly installed flashing harm my roof?

An improperly installed flashing system can cause real damage to your home by actually diverting water into your home, instead of away, which is why roofing contractors stress the importance of a quality flashing installation for every home and building. Not only does flashing help to divert water from entering your home through openings in the roof, the flashing also helps to protect the joints of the roofing system itself from water damage and early deterioration. And that’s why we need to think of flashing as a necessary element of a solid roofing structure, because without a quality flashing system that is accurately attached in all the correct locations on your roof, you compromise the ability of your roof to protect your home from the elements.

Now that you know a few of the basic facts behind what makes flashing so important, be sure to get in touch with your local Bay Area roofing contractor, Yorkshire Roofing, to make sure your roof is ready for the fall and winter seasons coming up!