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How to Protect your Roof this Fall

Posted on: October 30, 2015

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A smart homeowner is always thinking ahead when it comes to protecting and maintaining the biggest investments of their home, and protecting your home’s roof is no exception to this rule. Now that the fall season is underway, it is the time to revisit some of the basics of roof protection, which will protect against all the elements potentially facing your Bay Area roof. Take the following five tips for protecting your roof this fall, and make sure to consult with your Bay Area roofing contractor should you have any more questions.

Protect your Bay Area Roofing this Fall

Low-Hanging Branches Are Threats

First and foremost, you must address the issue of low-hanging branches from nearby trees as they pose a threat to your Bay Area roof during times of intense winds and storms if they were to break and fall atop your home. Most Bay Area roofing contractors would recommend hiring a professional tree trimmer for this project; however, if your roof isn’t too steep and the trimming job isn’t extensive, it is possible to trim the trees yourself without hiring someone else.

Clean the Gutters

The second step on your fall roof maintenance list involves cleaning the gutters. As fallen leaves and other debris accumulate in the gutters along the roof, water backup from the clogs could cause not only damage to the gutters, but ultimately damage to the roof shingles as well. Thus, it is all the more essential during the fall season for you to complete a thorough cleaning of your gutters to prevent this from happening. The key with cleaning your gutters is doing it sooner rather than later, simply because leaves become much harder to clean out once they become dampened down with water.

Inspect the Attic

Another vital step in protecting your roof this fall is often the most forgotten step, and that is the step of inspecting your attic! Regularly inspecting the attic of your home is an important part of roof protection because any indication of mold, mildew, or stained installation in the attic could be related to a leak in the roof. One tip is to take advantage of a rainy day to see if there are any leaks in the attic. Should you find any sign of a problem upon inspecting your attic, do not wait to call your local Bay Area roofing professional, as problems of this nature grow more destructive and costly by the day.

Limit Foot Traffic on Roofing

Finally, when completing the maintenance and protection project for your Bay Area roof this fall, always remember that one of the most common causes of roof-damage comes from having a high volume of foot traffic in vulnerable areas. So when you are planning on putting up those fun holiday decorations around your house and roof this season, make sure to limit foot traffic directly on top of the roof, as well as to take all the necessary precautions, such as having another person hold the ladder and using a safety harness.

These are just a handful of ways to help improve the longevity of your roof, not just for one season, but also for years to come. With a consistent maintenance program and regular inspections from Bay Area roofing professionals, your roof will provide your home with all of the protection it needs.


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