With all the unpredictable weather patterns facing California these days you never know what type of winter season you will be facing until you it’s actually happening; with that being said, if you want to protect your home from weather damage this year you must be willing to plan and prepare ahead of time!

Protect Your Bay Area Roof from Weather Problems!

In order to thoroughly protect your entire home during a particularly dangerous storm this coming winter, many Bay Area roofing experts suggest a handful of ways to go about reducing the possibility of experiencing weather-related damage to your home, and here are 7 of those tips:

  1. Anticipate roof-related issues before they become a big problem during a storm. Since your Bay Area roof takes the majority of the force brought on by the intense gusts of wind during a winter storm, it pays to make sure that it is in top-shape before it experiences such stress. Thus, it is always wise to maintain a regular performance check with a professional Bay Area roofing contractor.
  2. Protect those entranceways! Strong gusts of wind are most likely to breach your house through windows and doors, so make sure that they are properly reinforced and secure. Experts suggest that a glass window should be able to withstand a 9 pound 2×4 being propelled at speeds of 34 mph. If, however you live in area that experiences hurricane-force winds, experts advise that windows should be able to withstand at least 50 pounds of pressure per square foot.
  3. Trees need trimming. Given the damage that a loose tree branch would pose to your home should it be ripped off and launched in the air during a storm, it will serve you well to take care of any loose branches ahead of time. You also must go one step further in an effort to protect your Bay Area roof in times of intense winds by disposing of those tree trimmings in an area where they will not become a safety hazard during the storm.
  4. Flashing. If this protective component of your Bay Area roof is no longer fulfilling its job then it needs to be replaced. A thorough inspection of your roof’s flashing should be a part of a routine maintenance check.
  5. Secure any and all things around your home that could be easily picked up by the wind and subsequently become a hazard. One sure way to reduce damage to your home during a severe winter storm is simply by securing anything surrounding your home, such as outdoor furniture and backyard items, which are not anchored to the ground, or are particularly light and could be picked up by a gust of wind.
  6. Address small leaks before they lead to major roof damage during a storm. This tip is imperative to always be on top of, as even the most minor of leaks can evolve rapidly given the right weather conditions during a storm. One way to avoid such a disaster is again, by keeping a regular maintenance schedule with a professional Bay Area roofing contractor who can alert you to the signs and symptoms of a potential roof leak.
  7. Have an evacuation plan. While not necessarily directly related to protecting your Bay Area home and roof from damage this winter, an evacuation plan is a must-have in terms of taking a comprehensive approach to staying safe during dangerous storms this winter season.

If your roof has any issues this Fall and Winter season, contact Bay Area Roofing Contractor Yorkshire Roofing today!