How to Hang Christmas Lights Outside Your Home the Right Way

The Holidays are fast approaching. Are your homes ready to welcome the warmth of Christmas? Christmas is a joyous occasion, a time for family and friends to gather together in front of the fire while having hot cocoa and enjoying each other’s stories. Houses are decorated with bright lights and jingles are heard everywhere. At this time of the year, homeowners start putting up Christmas lanterns and lights on their porch or their roofs to create that Christmas atmosphere. But, unlike indoor decorations, outdoor lights need more care during installation. If you’re one of those jolly fellows who would like to install the outside Christmas light, you should finish reading this blog to know how to do this the right way:

1.Inspect possible tears on light wirings and bulbs.
Those lights have been abandoned for more than 10 months. While we trust our homes are free of mice or other animals, it is still best to thoroughly check the wirings of your Christmas lights. This is important since we are putting these lights outside off our homes where they can be exposed to extreme weather conditions or pecking of the birds. You might also have to look at the plug of you roll. Check if rusts have formed or if there are other material build up that might have taken place during the storage period. Ensuring that your lights have remained scratch-free is the first step away from accidents. It is also best to give the bulbs the same attention and to look out for defects on these lights. After keeping those lights in the attic or the basement for almost a year, there is a huge possibility that some of the light bulbs have gone bad. Making sure that none of them is busted is a great way to ensure a bright Christmas.

2.Prepare your roof.
If you are hanging the lights off your roof, make sure that you have enough to cover everything. Knowing how much you need is also a safety step as you will be aware how much power requirement the installation will need. This is also the time to decide which color of lights you would want to see on your homes. After measuring, make sure that your roof is ready for your intended decoration. Be sure that your gutters are free from dirt, moss build up, or stagnant water as lights and dried leaves are the best combination. There are roofing companies in California that can check your roof to make sure it is safe for your lights. We, at Yorkshire Roofing would often recommend that homeowners go for the flat roof gutter so it is easier to install lights and other decorations. Flat roof gutter is not only decorations-friendly, it is also sturdy and reliable to keep away material build up or water pooling.

3.Prepare your adhesives and other materials.
Roofs and lights are sensitive and it might not be a good idea to puncture the roof with a nail to secure the lines of your lights. A nail might hit a portion of the line and expose wires to the environment which can be very dangerous as it gives accidents an opportunity to surface. There are mounting adhesives that can hold your lines for long periods of time and can withstand the weather. There are reliable hooks that you can also choose from. Depending on your preference and the quality of your gutter, a hook and a clip can both do the job just fine. Make sure to make the sockets and plugs, or any connecting components water, snow, and dust proof to avoid unwanted incidents.

After making sure you’ve followed every step of our guide, including choosing the right adhesives and double checking your roof, you can now guarantee a safe and happy Christmas. Happy decorating!