The roof gutters in your home do not just serve mere aesthetic value. It protects your home’s foundation. It is an undeniable fact that roof and gutter have it harder than any other part of your house. Unlike other parts of the house, the roof and gutters have to experience a combination of dirt, daily weather, and changes in season. The roof and the gutters are the first ones that received the incessant beating of harsh elements. They are also not foreign to debris, such as twigs, dried leaves, gunk, bird nests, etc.

With all these factors together, it is not difficult to imagine why gutters need to be attended to at least once a year! It is recommended that homeowners do a thorough cleaning of the gutters after the fall season. You may be required to do more if your house is located where there are a lot of trees.

In this article, we will teach you how to clean your roof gutters properly.

1. Prepare all the equipment you need.
Cleaning gutters sounds pretty straightforward. However, it would be best if you had a few tools to ensure your safety while doing the clean-up. First, you are going to need a sturdy and stable ladder. The ladder must also be long enough for it to rest firmly against the gutter. The length of your ladder cannot be the same as the height of your roof. It must be placed diagonally against the gutter so it can provide more stability. When arranging the ladder, you must also make sure to put it on a flat surface. Once you have prepared the ladder, you can now also ready the other materials you need, such as mini-shovel, rake, and water hose. A tip for homeowners: You can also use a brush to sweep off dust and debris in the small crevices.

2. Dress accordingly.
In any DIY job, there is always a need to dress up accordingly when you are unclogging a downspout. When you are working with your roof, you are possibly exposed to sharp edges, filthy debris, animal dander, among others. These are things that you surely do not want to touch with your bare hands. You must wear protective clothing, such as rubber gloves. If you are allergic to dust and dirt, wearing mask and goggles is also highly encouraged.

3. Thoroughly cleaning the gutters.
Simply pushing off of debris and gunk by hosing it down with water is not sufficient. Small gaps must also be cleaned to avoid dirt build-up. Using a small scoop or a paintbrush can do the job just fine. If you have the extra budget, you can also try a gutter cleaning robot. Use a pressurized water hose to wash down the remaining dirt.

Does gutter cleaning sound like a tough job? Well, it is. Spare yourself of the hassle and danger in roof and gutter cleaning. Please leave it to the professional to do the job. That way, you enjoy your most precious free time doing things you truly love! Call Yorkshire Roofing to get the job done today!