Clean Gutter

As pretty as the fall season is, with all of its vibrant colors and relaxing breeze, it comes with a little bit of discomfort as well. This season signifies the start of major household work, as well. There are a lot of tasks to be accomplished during the fall. For instance, you should need to check your HVAC system. You also need to inspect your roof. You need to clear your yards of the fallen leaves. Most importantly, you should also clean your gutters.  

Let’s focus on your home’s gutters first. Check out the steps below on how to properly clean your gutters during the fall.  

Safety first! 

Cleaning the gutters involves moving up and down a ladder a lot, especially when you live in a multi-level home. To begin the clean-up, you have to have the right tools. You need a sturdy and stable ladder. Do not skimp on this vital tool. Get the most trustworthy brand that you can, because your life depends on this tool. Since cleaning the gutter is done bi-annually for most households, it is wise to invest in proper tools.  

Dress accordingly.  

Make sure to wear a long-sleeved shirt and a pair of jeans when cleaning your gutters. It will protect you from any debris that might fall from the roof. It is also wise to wear a protective pair of glasses. The dirt and gunk might be blown away by wind straight to your eyes, and may cause irritation. Don’t forget to wear gloves as well. There might be sharp edges in your gutter that you might not notice. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Let the cleaning commence! 

Once you have the proper tools and attire, you can now start cleaning your gutters. We recommend using a small garden trowel or your hand. Ensure your ladder is properly laid against a sturdy part of the gutter before climbing up. Make sure your waist does not go above the railing. In that position, you can start scooping out any gunk or leaves that are stuck in the gutter. Use your trowel to rake the dirt into one spot, then scoop it out afterward. For smaller spaces, you can use your hands to clear the gutters. It will be easier for you. After you are done with a particular spot, you can go down, then move the ladder on to the next spot. Do not attempt to overreach into farther places, as it may compromise your safety. We also do not advise you to clean the gutters from the roof. Stick with the ladder instead. The roof can be slippery, especially this time of the year.  

Water it down with a hose.  

Now that you got rid of the gunk and debris, it is time to water it down with a hose. Make sure your water hose is long enough and has a nozzle that you can set to higher pressure. Watering the gutter with a high-pressure hose will ensure squeaky clean gutters. 

While it is perfectly fine to stick to your old gutters and clean it once in a while, you have to remember that these gutters have a recommended lifespan. Some gutters are beyond saving! Do the right thing by calling a professional and have new gutters installed. In the end, you save yourself a ton of money by avoiding more significant damage to your homes caused by old, dilapidated gutters. Call Yorkshire Roofing at  (800) 794-7444  to know more about our installation service.