Solar Roof

Solar panels are getting more and more attention these days. Due to information dissemination, people know more about the benefits of solar energy. They know that it is clean energy, and it is one of the most environment-friendly energy available. Despite the many articles and educational materials about this energy source, many people still have questions. Before they jump into the solar panel craze, they need more information about how these panels actually work. Especially to people who live in areas where rainy and cloudy days often happen, they have to know if solar energy is a viable option for them.  

So, the question is, “How much power can solar energy generate on a cloudy day?” Simply put, “Does solar panel work on cloudy days?” 

The simple answer is, “Yes, it does.” The notion that solar panels are only made for sunny days must be debunked. Here’s why: 

Solar energy is still available even when it is cloudy.  

Clouds are a regular occurrence. It is a part of nature. They are masses of water and ice crystals that float around the atmosphere. They can vary in size, shape, and content. In some areas where the presence of clouds is apparent, sunlight may be inevitably blocked. However, the energy coming from the sun is powerful. Even when clouds are present, this energy still reaches land. Solar radiation penetrates these clouds. Thus, solar panels installed on your roof or on the land can gather energy. The amount of energy that is produced may decrease, but it is still there. In cloudy days, solar panels can still produce 10- 25 % of the energy output on a sunny day.

Solar panels are designed to work even on cloudy and colder areas.  

Imagine if solar panels are only designed for areas that are sunny and hot. Then, the world’s efforts to transition to solar energy will be futile as not all places are sunny and warm. A lot of the top countries which use the most solar energy do not have sunny weather. Take, for instance – South Korea and Germany. These countries have very short summers and long winters, yet they manage to be in the top ten solar-powered countries. This is because solar panels are designed to work even in cloudy areas. They are made to avoid the total stoppage of energy production. For example, if the solar panels are 10% covered by shade, only 10% of the production rate is affected.   

As residents of Bay Area, California, you should not worry too much about solar panels not working. The place has plenty of sunlight. While clouds form and the temperature may get cold, solar panels can gather the needed energy to power your homes.  

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