closeup green moss

Moss build-up on your roof can breed more problems than the build-up itself. What seemed like a small problem can actually blow up and cost you your entire roof. But first, let us differentiate a moss from algae or fungi. Moss are non-vascular plants that live by absorbing water through their leaves and not roots. These plants are fond of places that are damp, with a lot of moisture, and are generally dark or crowded. Their reproduction involves the spread of spores that are either spread through the air, insects, birds, and other agents. Unlike algae, mosses are classified as small plants. Algae is described as a single-celled plant growing together in a cluster. Meanwhile, fungi, by a relation is more identified to animals than plants.

Here’s a list of things that we’ve compiled so you’d know what troubles can arise from the moss on your roof:

1.     LEAKS

Moss build-up usually stems from small chip offs of broken roof shingles. But because it is small, oftentimes, homeowners neglect the chip until it is too late. Moss favors these areas as a place to thrive. Broken shingles can sometimes collect water, more than it should, or more than it can handle. When a spore of moss attaches itself to that environment then it starts using the accumulated water to grow its roots and eventually small leaves. Mosses do not grow huge leaves, the longest leaf of moss can be as small as a millimeter but since it grows thick, that’s where the problems start to bloom.


As mentioned above, mosses can grow into thick shrubs if neglected long enough. If moss grew near the gutters of your roof, chances are; it will crawl to the area where there is more water. Yes, your gutter. Mosses thrive in places where there is an excessive supply of water that is why they are always mistaken for algae or fungi.

We all know that clogged gutters have multiple repercussions on the roof. Not only is it a problem when it rains because rainwater cannot drain, but it can also accumulate water putting pressure to the foundation of the gutters. If the collected water is heavier than what the gutter foundation can handle, then your gutters might just break and fall down.


Every now and then, we have to check on our roof to avoid costly repairs. However, having mosses on your roof can make the surface slippery which can make it difficult for you to inspect your roof.

If you see patches of moss on your roof, it is best to not attempt to cross the area. We suggest that you call experts to do the inspection for you, so you do not compromise your safety.

Our team at Yorkshire Roofing can do the inspection and produce a thorough diagnosis of what your roof needs based on our observations. We can also provide you a reasonable quote about the areas that you would like to be repaired to avoid problems in the future.


Since mosses can look like mini jungles on your roof, some insects like spiders and specific species of cockroaches get attracted to the area where there is vegetation. Since these places have not been disturbed for long, the insects will find this place a great place to breed. Which means, you do not only have to deal with a broken roof in the future, you also need to call the pest control guys to remove the unwanted insects in your house.


What could have been a simple cleaning job is now a bigger problem because the mosses have already grown thick under your roof shingles, have already accumulated so much water, and have attracted insects? While mosses seem like a simple problem that is easy to eradicate, it can cause. A huge problem when left unattended. If the scenarios above fit your home, you now have to take care of repairing the shingles, holes on the roof, cleaning your roof, checking for insect infestation, and many more.

See how one problem has multiplied into various troubles of different nature, just because we thought it is too small when we first saw it?

But, do not worry. We, at Yorkshire Roofing, can fix your moss infested roof at the best possible price, the quickest time allowable. If you’re not convinced, you can still read up on more information about roof shingles. We are committed to giving our clients the best experience to make sure that they are comfortable after we have rendered our service.

If you are having problems with your roof, do not hesitate to reach us. You can call us or send us an email. No inquiry is too small or too big for our team of dedicated staff.