Leaky roofs, broken shingles, it’s probably times to change your roof. You may have already picked a contractor to replace your roof. But, when should you do it? Timing is very important when it comes to roof installation.

Most Bay Area Roofing contractors have busy seasons and slow seasons. It is always best to have your roof installed during a slow season for your roofer and here are some reasons why: You will get a better price, you will most likely get better installation quality, faster start up time and less stress and frustration.

You will get a better price – when Bay Area Roofing contractors are busy, they pick and choose profitable jobs and will typically bump their prices up because of supply and demand. During the slow season, competition is higher, and most Bay Area roofing contractors drop their installation prices to win as many jobs as possible. This is why it’s a great idea to schedule your roof installation during their off season.

You will get better installation quality – during the slow season, Bay Area Roofing contractors will have more time to work on your project, meaning that they will take the time to install your roof the right way, without cutting corners and with better installation quality.

Not having to wait for your roofer – During off season, you don’t have to wait for your roofer. There are people who need their roof installed during the busy season and cannot afford to wait for too long, but unfortunately end up waiting for over two months to get the installation started.

Less stress and frustration – During busy seasons, clients have to wait 4 to 6 weeks to get your roof installed. It is a very frustrating to wait those 4 to 6 weeks until the work starts. This is not fun for either party involved, so during slow seasons Bay Area Roofing contractors start work faster during off season. This will save you lots of frustration and headaches.

Super busy seasons – fall season is one of the worst time to get your roof installed because everyone is wanting to get their roof installed then. During the fall, you have the longest lead times. You’ll want contact your Bay Area Roofing contractor before the fall.

Spring is another busy season because of three simple reasons: since it’s the holiday season, people are spending money on gifts and can’t afford a new roof, so this is the best time to install your new roof. During the winter months, people are hesitant to install a new roof because of the cold weather, which is why people wait until the spring.

Slow Seasons – Summer is a slowish season for Bay Area Roofing contractors, this is one of the best times to have your roof installed but since many people are gone on vacation and there are many holidays, people try not have any major renovations done because they’ll most likely be gone.

Winter season is the best time to get your roofing installed. Most roofers are looking for work and lower their prices during the winter. Take advantage of this.

Now that you know when you should contact your Bay Area Roofing contractor, contact Yorkshire Roofing whenever you are ready to get your new roof installed!