roofing shingles

GAF and Owens Corning are the two most popular brands for roof shingles in the US. They are known for their outstanding warranty, durability and innovation, with their products becoming more energy efficient, meaning they reflect the sun’s rays better rather than absorb them into the home’s interior. 

What’s the best roof shingle?

Despite claims that one type of roofing is better than the other, the truth is that everything boils down to these factors: 

  • The style of your home
  • The existing roof frame 
  • The material’s durability
  • The climate in your region and its propensity to natural disasters (e.g., hurricanes and wildfires)
  • The amount of slope of your roof 
  • Your budget 


GAF roof shingles 

The shingles are not just highly resistant to wear and tear due to their Duraweave Fiberglass Reinforcement Technology, but they also look natural. Some products even have a natural wood grain texture that looks like real wood, giving your home a more country or quaint “vibe.”

Another benefit is that the shingles come in various color choices, including unconventional shades like empire green, black charcoal and deep red. Also, if you’re into a more contemporary look, this brand might be an excellent choice as it offers a broader range of black roof options compared to other manufacturers. But on the flip side, it has fewer lighter shades like blue and white. 


Owens Corning roof shingles 

Their shingles are also known for their outstanding warranty and durability, with the company even claiming its products can last up to 50 years. 

Compared to other roof shingles, its products don’t require an ice and water shield (or felt paper) installed over an asphalt-shingle underlayment. In short, you can save money on installation. 

In terms of the color palette options, Owens Corning shingles are quite limited, especially when it comes to lighter shades; this means that if you want lighter roofs, your only options are antique ivory, Shasta white and sierra gray. 


GAF vs. Owens Corning: Labor cost and materials 

Price-wise, it’s hard to compare these two brands because they have a wide range of roof shingle products. But when you compare their “standard” shingle, it’s safe to say that GAF is a more affordable option. However, things become more complicated when you consider the labor cost and the fact that Owens Corning products do not require an ice and water shield installation. 

Because of the many variables that dictate the final price, it’s ideal to ask Bay Area’s leading roof installation expert Yorkshire Roofing for estimates. 


Other factors to keep in mind 

Both roof shingle brands offer outstanding warranties–i.e., 25-year limited and lifetime warranty on every type of shingle, plus algae and prorated warranties on their products. However, GAF’s wind warranties are a bit better, covering 130+ mph versus just 110+ of Owens Corning’s. (This is an important detail if you live in a hurricane-prone region.)

Meanwhile, both brands are on equal footing in terms of energy efficiency. 

In the past, homeowners were stuck with white or light-colored roofs if they wanted to keep their houses cool during the sweltering heat of the summer. But nowadays, GAF’s shingle products have granules (they come in medium to dark hues) specifically designed to reflect more light. 

On the other hand, Owens Corning also uses solar-reflecting granules that  work exactly like GAF’s products. 


Final word 

 When it comes to warranty coverage, energy efficiency and durability, GAF and Owens Corning are pretty much the same. For this reason, the “best” brand primarily boils down to your preferred color palette, style preference and cost. 

If you want to learn more about roof installation in the Bay Area or you want to get a free quote, visit Yorkshire roofing or call us at 800 794-7444.