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Fall Roofing Tips

Posted on: December 25, 2014


Fall is the beginning of cooler temperatures, the children going back to school and the perfect time to check your roof. Before the rain comes down and you are stuck with a worse problem, make sure to follow our tips on how to keep your roof safe during the fall season.


The first thing you should do is to go up on your roof and review it for signs of exhaust. Check for slips and cracks at transition points and projections. These take the brunt of the building movement as the temperature rises and falls. Also check for dirt and debris that may have been accumulated in the drains, scuppers and gutters, especially after the leaves have fallen. Believe it or not, a blacked drain can cause roof leaks when the late rains start to arrive, so clearing your drains is especially important unless you want to have a wet winter.

If you have a skylight, check it to make sure it is not cracked or broken. Don’t forget to check rooftop equipment to make sure all panels are correctly attached.

If possible, look at the perimeter of the building from the ground. This will enable you to check for streaking or discoloration. If you see either of these, then it is possible that water is penetrating the perimeter flashing, which could become structural damage. Don’t forget to check for lifting in the corners. Lifting in the corners may not be visible on the roof level.

Now, walk the underside and identify any stained ceiling tiles, streaks down drywall, and rust. Small roof leaks can eventually lead to bigger problems if they are left unattended and a bigger problem can mean you will be spending more money trying to fix it. Another good tip is to look for sunlight coming through around projections. If you can see the sun, then the odds are that water is able to come in.

While you’re conducting your evaluation, make sure to write down your findings. If you are able to fix some roof leaks, and small problems by yourself take care of those before the rain becomes a problem. If you don’t have time to take care of your roof problems, give Bay Area roofing specialists, Yorkshire Roofing a call and we will take care of your roof. Let Yorkshire Roofing take care of all of your roofing needs before they become a bigger problem. Call Yorkshire Roofing for an estimate today!

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