Flat roofs are considered to be modern, stylish, and sleek. However, having a flat roof can pose more problems than having a regularly sloped one. With that latter type, the water naturally goes down due to gravity. Water does not accumulate on the shingles. Unlike with sloped roofs, extra precautions should be taken when your roof is flat.  

Without proper drainage, many problems can arise, such as the pooling of water, accumulation of debris, caulking, and leaks. When any of these issues occur, you and your house are exposed to higher risks and damage.   

It’s better that you are aware of these drainage solutions for flat roofs as soon as you can. Knowing them can help you preserve the life of your roof better.

Here are some drainage solutions you may want to check out: 

Interior drains  

Interior drains are essential for flat roofs because they act as a shower drain. Throughout the roof, you have to ensure the presence of interior drains. It would help if you placed them in areas where water is likely to build up. These drains are connected to a pipe that leads the water out downwards. By using the interior drain, the walls and foundation of your home are not exposed to water damage. It lengthens the lifespan of your roof because water is allowed to escape. The material of your roof will not be submerged in water all the time. At first, this type of drainage solution can cost you more, but the benefits it offers outweighs the costs. In the long run, your roof is more protected. Like any drainage solution, you have to make sure that the drains and pipes are always clean and in top shape. Call professionals twice a year at the very least to have it checked and inspected.   


Gutters are the cheapest drainage solution for flat roofs. The gutters placed at the side of the roof collects rainwater. The water is led to a downspout far from the house’s foundation. The gutter is effective for houses whose roofs are not entirely flat. Otherwise, the gutter will not help as much. It needs a little slope for the water to flow downwards. Also, this drainage type is a bit more challenging to maintain. Constant cleaning must be done to ensure that there is no blockage. However, if you are not willing to spend more upfront and are okay with a little more dirty work such as gutter cleaning, then this is the choice for you. See instanttradesman.co.uk for more info. 


Scupper was first used in military ships to drain liquid aboard. In the modern age, its use was adapted to residential homes.  

It is a square opening at the edge of the roof that lets water out. Some are connected to downspouts, and others are not. What is excellent about this drainage solution is that it is to clean and maintain. Clogs rarely happen, especially when scupper is well-designed. 

Still not sure about what the best drainage solution for your flat roof is? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!   

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