As a homeowner, it is imperative that you learn to recognize the visual indications of an aging roof because an aging roof left unattended has the potential to cause expensive damage to other parts of your home.

Since the roof protecting your home is constantly exposed to intense and brutal elements and weather systems, overtime it is natural for your roof to acquire a degree of age-related damage. The key in preventing the roof’s natural aging process from compromising the longevity of your roof is spotting the warning signs before a fixable issue becomes a dangerous and expensive problem.

Pay attention to these signs as advised by your Bay Area Roofing experts at Yorkshire Roofing.

There are several easily identifiable indictors of age-related roof damage, signs which you can be identified from the ground using a pair of binoculars. Signs symptomatic of exposure damage to a roof are numerous but keep in mind that overlooking even the smallest of details could be a danger to your home and family. Take for example the detail often overlooked by homeowners when doing roof maintenance—missing granules atop the roof’s shingles. Torn or missing shingles are problematic because once moisture gets into the next layer of the roof’s foundation, mold and rot will begin to deteriorate the roof. Aging roofs damaged by moisture are also especially dangerous because a leak could potentially arise, allowing water into your attic; moreover; this situation is made even more dangerous by the fact that most homeowners do not frequently go into their home’s attic.

Another danger posed by an aging roof is ice buildup, caused by water first being trapped within cracks and crevices of the roof and then essentially freezing into a hazardous ice dam. An aging roof is also prone to mold and deterioration around the flashing and chimney due to poor ventilation and trapped moisture within the layers composing the roof. Also pay attention to the condition of the paint, both inside and outside the home, as fading and blistering paint is a common consequence of poor air flow and ventilation within the attic of your home. In a similar fashion, an aging roof is likely to cause damage to the walls and ceilings of your home’s interior due to the mold created by the trapped moisture. Once you notice the first signs of mold damage on the ceiling or walls of your home, make sure to immediately contact Bay Area roofing professionals, like those at Yorkshire Roofing, capable of assessing and fixing the damage caused by your aged roof.

One final indicator of an aged roof in trouble is high utility bills, simply because the consequences of age-related roof damage can lead to a compromise in the efficiency of the air conditioning and furnace systems cooling and heating your home when water infiltrates beneath the roof. While you cannot altogether stop the aging of your roof, with the regular consultation from Bay Area Roofing experts like Yorkshire Roofing you can mitigate any dangerous and potentially expensive damage to your home caused by an aged roof.