roof needs repair

While some things in life are worth the wait, a leaky roof is not one of them. Remember, you need to repair a damaged roof as soon as possible to prevent moisture from seeping into the walls and damaging your home’s electrical system and insulation, posing more serious problems like fire hazards and structural issues. 

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But how do you know if your roof needs immediate repair? 

Here, we list the top 5 signs that your roof needs repair: 


Old roof

If it has been 20 years or more since your roof’s last inspection, it’s best to call a licensed roofing company that will conduct a thorough exam and the appropriate repair or maintenance. Remember, performing preventive maintenance is easier and less expensive than a major leak repair. 

You can check your home records to know the last time your roof was repaired, re-shingled or replaced. 


Water stains in the attic 

If you see some water stains running from the ceiling to the walls, there’s a high chance that you have a leaky roof. Again, you want to address this issue asap rather than wait for it to become a bigger, more expensive repair. 


Damaged shingles 

Once you see any spot where the shingles appear cracked, missing, buckled or damaged, you need to call a roofing expert. 

Missing and damaged shingles are not just an aesthetic issue; they also make your home less energy efficient, forcing your HVAC to work harder and driving up your utility bill. 


Gaps in the seals 

Check the seams around the roof and chimney vents for gaps and cracks. If you find any, immediately call an expert rather than resort to some temporary solutions like caulking, which cannot withstand a major storm. 

One way to determine the presence of gaps in the seams is to point a flashlight at your skylights.  


Drooping appearance

A sagging appearance is a clear sign of roof damage caused by rotting boards or water damage. A quick inspection around your property is enough to help you notice any sign of droopiness. 


Molds and mildew 

The presence of mold, fungi or mildew is a clear indication of roof damage. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check the shady corners of your roof when doing your own inspection. 

Molds and mildew are not just a simple aesthetic issue. Remember that prolonged exposure to a large amount of mold spores is known to cause allergic symptoms such as runny nose, coughing, wheezing, headache, fatigue, sneezing and itching. 


Damaged or rusty gutters 

More often than not, damaged gutters also reflect the overall condition of your roof. Also, look out for rust and cracks caused by expansion and contraction from the sudden changes in temperature. 


Final word 

It’s best to address leaky and damaged roofs as soon as you can to preserve their structural stability, avoid bigger and more expensive repairs in the future, and prevent health risks from molds and mildew. 

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