Summer Roofing

One of the most neglected parts of the house is the roof. Homeowners often forget this part of their homes until it is already broken. Especially in the summertime, people assume that no problem can arise in their roofs. The season is dry. There is no harsh force abusing the material of the roof. This thinking cannot be more wrong. Just because there is nothing actually visible damaging your roof does not mean that there is none. Summer is also a tough time for your roof.

Here are the common problems you should watch out for during the summer:

1.    Sun damage

Roofing materials are not created equally. Some are durable, while others are susceptible to harsh elements like excessive heat. During the summer, when the heat coming from the sun becomes too intense, the material can get brittle over time. Especially when there is a sudden change of temperature such as being too hot one day, and raining on the next day, the roof’s structural integrity is greatly affected. The best way to avoid this situation is to choose more heat-resistant materials.

Aside from the material itself, the adhesive that holds the material may also be damaged. The adhesive can melt due to high temperatures. Make sure to take a closer look at this seemingly unnoticeable issue regularly.

2.    Blockage in tubes and pipes

Another issue that you may encounter related to your roof during summertime is the blockage of pipes and tubes. When the weather becomes too hot, leaves fall off from the tree. They sometimes end up on your roof and in its drainage system. If you fail to remove this unwanted dirt in the drainage, it may cause blockages leading to the imminent breakage of pipes and tubes. Ensure that nothing is blocking the passageway of water to avoid bigger problems such as this.

3.    Failure to maintain

Some people think that just because it is summer, there is no need to maintain their roof. To them, there is no visible element that can cause damage, but this could not be more wrong. No matter what season it is, it is imperative to have your roof checked regularly. It is the roof that protects the entire house. It plays a very significant role in ensuring the safety and well-being of the inhabitants of the house.

4.    Moisture damage

An often-neglected aspect of the roof is the level of moisture present in it. Some roofs are not well-ventilated. If this is the case, the moisture trapped over time cannot escape. This moisture can cause the formation of water droplets that can cause damage to the roof. It may trigger the growth of mold, and result in the weakening of the material.

Call a professional to inspect all parts of your roof. It is the experts that can ultimately assess whether or not your roof is in great shape. If it is, then all is well and done. If it isn’t, then maybe it is the best time to pick up the phone and call Yorkshire Roofing. We can provide a solution to any of your roofing problems. Just sit back, relax, and watch us do our magic!