Are you concerned with the condition of your roof due to some revealing signs you’ve recently noticed either inside your home or on the exterior, such as damaged shingles or visible water spots?

If you have already seen indications that your roof is need of a closer examination, it is important that you follow up with a Bay Area Roofing contractor in order to find out exactly what your roof is trying to tell you with such signs.

Common Roofing Issues

Below are 5 common issues that homeowners experience with their roofs and how those issues are often a sign of a roof in duress.

Water spots on the ceiling?

In all likelihood, an accumulation of water spots on the ceiling of your home is an indication of a roof leak, but the tricky part comes in finding and pinpointing the exact location of the leak. So keep in mind that a slow moving and small leak will be more difficult to find than a sizable leak and it is best to consult a professional Bay Area roofing contractor if you are in over your head. Also remember that waterspouts on the ceiling do not always necessarily mean that your roof is leaking; rather in some cases, leaky windows or trapped condensation turns out to be the culprit.

Water spots appearing on exterior walls?

The cause of this water damage could be related to loose or rusted step flashing (point at which the roof meets a wall), or even possibly gaps between the siding materials. Since flashing- related damage is particularly tricky to repair and replace, it makes the most sense to hire a Bay Area Roofing company to perform this specific roofing job.

Gutters filled with granules from worn shingles?

While a small amount of loose granules is not a big cause for concern, granule loss becomes an issue when you begin to notice a substantial amount of granules coming through the downspouts every time it rains. According to those in the Bay Area Roofing industry, a substantial loss of granules is very problematic because those granules serve as the shingles’ protective barrier against the intense UV rays of the sun and without them, the shingles become brittle, exposing your roof to water damage and leaks. If your roof’s shingles are nearing the end of their service life, consider getting in touch with your manufacturer to see if they are still covered under warranty.

Roof leaks when the weather fluctuates from warm to freezing temperatures?

Typically, if you are experiencing this problem it means that ice dams have formed on your roof, which are basically blocks of ice that build up on the roof and prevent the melting snow from draining down and off the roof. In an effort to stop ice dams from forming, Bay Area Roofing contractors often recommend to homeowners to improve the ventilation in their attic, so that the warm air stops escaping and melting the snow.

Black stains on the roof?

Looks like you may have algae growing on your roof, and while it may be unattractive, these algae pose no real structural threat to your roof or home. If you wish to lessen the accumulation of these black stains, try placing a zinc strip along the roof’s edge, which will help by releasing a fungicide every time it rains. Remember that most Bay Area Roofing contractors and maintenance persons recommend against power washing the algae off, as that can cause serious damage to the shingles.

If you’re confused about what your roof is trying to tell you, call Yorkshire Roofing, your Bay Area Roofing contractor today! Our team of experienced roofers will help you figure out what is wrong with your roof before it becomes a bigger problem.