Your roof is such an important part of your life, yet you rarely give it any thought. Hopefully, if it is doing its job right, it will not call any extra attention to itself. However, being such a vital piece of your life, it is good to be an informed homeowner and know just exactly what can potentially go wrong and what signs to watch out for.

The other thing to be aware of is that some roof problems vary by region. What is a common problem in the bay area might not be so much of an issue in the south. This is why choosing a company that has specialized contractors in your local area is so beneficial. The following is a list of roof problems to be aware of specifically in the bay area.

Poor Installation

If the roof on your home was installed before you owned it, you will definitely want to hire a professional to have your roof thoroughly inspected. All contractors are not always the most skilled or professional in their installation, and an unprofessional roof can create expensive problems.

Weak Flashing

Flashing is basically the strong sealant that is applied on your roof around areas that are sticking out, such as chimney, sky lights, vents, satellites, and others. It is so important that the flashing is high quality and installed thoroughly because if not, it will create space for leaks that are really expensive to fix.

Because this sealant is exposed to the harsh elements, it is going to deteriorate over time and become cracked. However, if it is done professionally with high quality product it will not crack for quite a while. If you can it will help you to safely get on your roof and visually examine your sealant areas to see if they need some attention.


At Yorkshire Roofing we are very familiar with the signs of our local insect problems and we are prepared to get rid of them. Insects can cause a surprising amount of damage to roofs, especially when the shingles are patchy. Termites, roaches, ants and other bugs can quickly infest a roof underneath the shingles and in the supporting wood.

Leaks & Moisture

Another problem that the bay area is known for is our excessive moisture. Moisture is an expensive problem for roofs because it causes the wood to rot and leads to long term leaks that are difficult to fix. Leaks and excessive moisture start out in very small increments and should be caught at the beginning if at all possible because they are simpler to fix early on.


Sometimes the roof membrane, or the stuff underneath your shingles, tends to shrink, which can create cracking and splitting in the upper layer. This shrinkage can create more serious problems over time if it is not taken care of, so be sure to check for any signs of cracks. If you do think there is a possibility that you are experiencing shrinkage, call Yorkshire Roofing right away.