Again, unless you know something about roof leak repair, it’s best to call a professional Bay Area roofing specialist. Pulling up shingles checking for the leak only causes more damage, and can create leaks where there were none before. Inspecting asphalt roofing shingles requires you to get on the roof, which leads us to the next stupid roof move to avoid.

Let the Bay Area Roofing Experts Handle It!

When it comes to maintaining the roof of your home, the best bay area roofers all advise that there are several mistakes commonly made by homeowners, which should and can be avoided. Simply by making yourself aware of these critical mistakes, you can avoid the future financial strain typically associated with falling prey to these common mistakes. While some of the following warnings are more obvious than others, make sure to thoroughly consider all of the common mistakes associated with bay area roofing projects.

First and foremost, while many homeowners may feel the urge to clean the grime and dirt off their asphalt shingles with a pressure washer, the experts in bay area roofing specifically advise against this! The problem with pressure-washing asphalt roofing shingles, one of the most common roofing materials, is that the granules protecting the shingles will be blasted away, leaving your roof vulnerable to damage and leaks. Make sure to also avoid hiring a bay area roofer who claims to be able to clean your roof with this method, as all trusted professionals consider this a big mistake.

Another common mistake many homeowners make when dealing with their bay area roofing project involves the repair of leaks. While it may at first be tempting to consider a do-it- yourself repair with what appears to be just a small leak in your roof, it is always best to hire a trained bay area roofer for a situation like this, primarily because of the risks involved with an improper shingle installation. Since the process of repairing a roof leak involves the lifting up and inspecting of the shingles surrounding the damaged area, most homeowners would be best advised to hire a professional bay area roofer to get the job done.

Similar to the previous common mistake listed, another warning that is important to respect concerns walking atop the roof in general. Despite what you see on television, there is never a situation in which it is appropriate for anyone to just casually be walking atop, or hanging out on the roof. Other than for repairs or routine inspections, there is no need for there to be walking traffic on your roof; moreover, some of the worst damage can come to a roof as a result of someone walking on the wrong spot, not to mention the injuries likely to come as a result of an accident atop a roof, thus it advised to plan accordingly before you even get out your ladder!

For the best results, your bay area roofing project must be approached with all of these common mistakes in mind, lest you commit them yourself!