Everyone knows the joy that comes from keeping a prized possession in top condition by taking extra good care of it. Especially if that possession cost you quite a bit of money, you are probably going to be motivated to go the extra mile to check up on it and keep it nice and clean. Your roof should be no exception. As the barrier between you and any harsh weather conditions, your bay area roof deserves some extra attention every once in awhile for a good thorough shingle cleaning.

The first thing to determine when trying to bring back that new roof shine is what exactly is causing your roof to look dirty. There are many potential causes including debris, algae, and moss, which all call for different plans of attack for cleaning.


For bay area roofs, the most common cause of dirty roof shingles is fallen debris. Leaves, sticks, fallen pine needles, and acorns are just a few of the substances that pile up on your roof. These piles are not only an eye sore, but they can lead to roof damage like expensive leaks, so be sure to take care of this clutter as soon as you notice it. Especially since, the fallen debris is the simplest to take care of compared to all of the other potential hazards.

For this problem, the easiest way to clean it is simply by hand. Be very careful getting up on your roof and remove piles of collected debris with your hand (using gloves) or with a small broom. If the debris is really spread out all over the roof, then it might be worth your time to rent a blower to quickly and thoroughly remove all the excess debris and leave behind tidy shingles.


Many home or building owners are familiar with the concern that comes when an ugly black spot all of a sudden appears on your roof. These concerning stains are caused by algae that grows on your shingles when they get wet and do not get a chance to thoroughly dry for a long time. If you find yourself in this situation there are many solutions to choose from.

A common remedy is a homemade solution using hot water, bleach and detergent. When you pour the solution into a garden sprayer, thoroughly spray the entire roof. Using a broom, you will want to scrub the wet sections of the roof, particularly where the black stain is located. Rinse with fresh water and repeat the whole process multiple times.

An alternative option is to purchase a professional shingle cleaning solution, which comes in many varieties. Be sure to contact your roof provider and double check on any warranty conditions to make sure that your cleaning does not jeopardize that.


Moss presents a serious danger for roofs because it can allow for leaks and other structural problems in the future. The procedure for removing moss is very similar to the algae. There are home solutions that you can spray or many high quality products that are available for purchase.

Even once you remove your moss from the roof, you will want to take into consideration how to prevent it from returning. The most effective prevention is to remove the source of shade that is allowing the moss to grow in the first place.