If you have been thinking about cedar shakes and shingles for your home, think about the possibilities and the positives! Cedar shakes or shingle roofs add a beautiful and unique touch to your home. Cedar is warm, has a natural look that adds character, and can add to the value of your home. Cedar shakes and shingles are the best choice for any home owner looking to renovate their home and add a beautiful look to their home!

Cedar shakes and shingles are naturally insect and UV ray resistant, which makes them perfect for your roof! Cedar shakes and shingles offer the best performance in extreme weather conditions. Unlike roofs made from asphalt shingles, a cedar roof doesn’t let you down during heavy rain and high winds. Cedar shakes and shingles can withstand wind tests exceeding 120 MPH and 130 MPH respectively. Did you know that cedar is also earthquake safe? Weighting around 2 1/2 pounds per square foot, cedar shakes and shingles can be considered the lightest and toughest roofing materials on the market! These are just some of the great qualities that come with cedar shakes and shingles.

Cedar shakes and shingles are also known as a natural insulator. Cedar’s open cell structure provides natural thermal protection, insulating your attic and allowing your house to breathe. Which can help keeping your house cooler in the summer and warmer during the winter.

Cedar is prized for its beautiful natural color in its fresh cedar tone or stately weathered gray. There are no paint coatings to chip or effloresce like in imitation shakes. And the best part is that if you start with the right materials and use an expert installer like Yorkshire Roofing, you can get many, many years of service from a beautiful cedar roof or walls! No matter how many manufacturers try to duplicate the natural beauty and durability of cedar shakes and shingles, there is no duplicating the natural beauty of cedar!

Another fun fact about cedar shakes and shingles is that they reduce your carbon footprint. This is great for the environmentally conscious individual! The production of cedar shakes and shingles is time intensive, but it is not energy intensive! No expensive fossil fuel based process is needed to produce cedar material.

Installing cedar shakes is a little more complicated than roofing with architectural composition shingles and the quality of the finished product will depend on the experience of the contractor you hire, as well as the caliber of shakes he or she uses. Yorkshire Roofing is the expert contractor roofing company you want to install your cedar shingles or shakes!

If you are thinking about using cedar shakes and shingles for your next project, don’t think twice! This is the perfect material for you home. Yorkshire Roofing works with cedar shakes and shingles and has the knowledge necessary to install this material on your home. If you are looking to add this material to your home or roof, give us a call today!