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The importance of professional roofing maintenance

Roof systems are designed to last around 20 years—even longer for certain types. But several factors such as weather conditions, design, material, application, and maintenance could shorten the lifespan of your roof. It is the most vulnerable part of your house or building since it is directly exposed to the environment and harsh elements that […]

Beware of Fake Roofing Contractors

Attention all California homeowners! Recent events in Colorado have alerted homeowners across the nation to the latest strategy of home burglars, which apparently involves people masquerading as fake roofing contractors who gain access to people’s homes under the pretenses of performing an ‘inspection’ and the upon entering, they initiate a robbery. Beware of Fake Roofing […]

5 Common Customer Issues San Jose Roofers Don’t Deal With

As a successful San Jose roofing company it is imperative to be able to provide your customers with exceptional service and technical support, because without reliable customer support a San Jose roofing company really doesn’t stand a chance in terms of keeping their customers happy. Time and time again, the most successful San Jose roofing […]