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Pros and Cons of Do It Yourself Roof Repair Work

Roof repair is potentially expensive and time consuming project that every homeowner must take seriously, especially when it concerns deciding whether or not to do the repairs yourself. Since any roof construction type project must be approached cautiously with a plan in order to avoid injuries and faulty installation, it is very important to consider […]

Roof Blisters: To Repair or Not To Repair?

When your Bay Area roofing project involves determining whether or not to repair the blisters of a conventional low-slope membrane system, it is vital to first do a thorough analysis of the blisters themselves to decide if they are in fact in need of replacement. While it is generally preferable to leave the membrane undisturbed, […]

Preparing for the Cold: Winterizing Your Roof

Happy Holidays! Yorkshire Bay Area Roofing is here to offer you an ultimate to-do list to protect your home this winter! Here at Yorkshire, we often get calls on roof repairs brought about by ice dams that occur during winter season. Ice dams, if left unattended, could result in permanently damaging your roof. Consequently, that […]